10 Multiple Gold Medal Olympians

10. Kelly Holmes - 2 Golds in Athletics, 2004.

Dame Kelly became the first British Olympian to grab double gold since Albert Hill in 1920 after winning both the 800m and 1500m, setting a new British record in the former.

9. Usian Bolt - 3 Golds in Athletics, 2008

Bolt set new world records in both the 100m and 200m in Beijing, but could have beaten his 9.69 in the first event had ne not slowed down to celebrate as he crossed the line.

8. Ian Thorpe - 2 Golds in Swimming, 2004; 3 Golds in Swimming, 2000

A fresh faced 17-year-old Thorpe took three golds on his Olympic debut, setting three world records. Four years later he only managed two golds following disqualifcation for falling off the starting block.

7. Paavo Nurmi - 5 Golds in Athleticos, 1924

A cross- country expert, Nurmi won five golds in Paris, including the 1,500m and 5,000m where the finals were just 26 minutes apart. He could have won six had Finnish officials not withdrawn him from the 10,000m for fear of his condition.

6. Nedo Nadi - 5 golds in Fencing, 1920

Best fencer ever, best name ever; Nadi eareched near Olympic perfection in the 1920 games, where won the individual foil gold medal with a record 10 wins in the final pool. He  is the only fencer to win a gold medal in each of the three weapons at a single Olympic Games.

5. Eric Heiden - 5 Golds in Speed Skating, 1980

The most successful Winter Olympian ever and the only athlete in the history of speed skating to have won all five events in a single Olympic tournament (and the only one to have won a gold medal in all events). He then quite speed skating to take up professional bicycle racing. Bloody show off.

4. Vitaly Scherbo - 6 Golds in Gymnastics, 1992.

A quicky man, the popular Scherbo won six golds in 1992, more golds at a single Olympics than any other gymnast in Olympic history. But he really hit the heights when he appeared in the music video "Revolution Earth" by The B-52's. 

3. Carl Lewis - 4 Golds in 1984 in Athletics, 2 Golds in 1988 in Athletics, 2 Golds in 1992

Lewis equaled his hero Jesse Owens in Los Angeles with four golds in the 100m, 200m long jump and 4x100m relay and vowed to win the 100m again four years later after his fatheer's funeral, where he put his gold medal in the coffin. He did so, but onyl after Ben Johnson had been stripped of gola for drugs cheating.

2. Mark Spitz - 2 Golds in Swimming, 1968; 7 Golds in Swimming, 1972

Not until Michael Phelps did anyone dominate swimming like Spitz. He won all seven events he entered in 1972, despite not wanting to swim in the 100m freestyle. "If I swim six and win six, I'll be a hero. If I swim seven and win six, I'll be a failure," he told his coach. Hep won by half a stroke in a world-record 51.22.

1. Michael Phelps - 8 Golds in Swimming, 2008; 6 Golds in Swimming, 2004

Perhaps the greatest individual displays ever, Phelps broke two world records on his way to six golds in 2004, but smashed it four years later winning eight golds and setting seven world records.