Biggest Olympic Fashion Faux Pas

The Olympics aren't known for the athletes' sartorial elegance, and below is probably some of the reasons why.

Over the past decade we've seen some absolute monstrosities wrapped around the world's best athletes - and some more to come in 2012!

Scroll down now ... if your eyes can bear it.

Czech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

This photo was taken in 2010. No really! I know it looks like it's from 1984, but the Czech team went all rertro for the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Bubble Trouble

The Greece athletes at the 1992 Winter Olympics were dressed like Siberian scientists and led by a giant ping pong ball.

Norway Did They Actually Do That!

The Norwegians chose the bathroom tile design for their 2010 Winter Olympics outfits.


The Russian team from 1992 were all actually undercover spies working for the KGB.

France, We Have A Problem

Of course the 1992 Winter Olympics were conduted in space, so here's the French team getting ready.

Sacre Bleu!

The French team from Barcelona in 1992 doubled up as a barber shop quartet.

Wise Guy Eh?

Little known fact that Al Capone won gold for shooting.

Inappropriate Clothes

Apparently this guy - Spyridon Louis - was a marathon runner in 1896. Not sure he's wearing the right outfit for that.

Magic Eye

Seizures among Olympics were up 45% in Mexico 1968 thanks to these confusing outfits.


Apparently the Telly Tubbies turned up to the 1992 Winter Olympics.

His Masters Voice

Not so much a terrible outfit this one but LOOK AT THAT MEGA PHONE! 

Aboriginal Idea

Cathy Freeman won gold in Sydney in 2000 despite looking like a giant green sperm.

Rad, Guys!

And to 2012! The Slovakian team this summer look more like the cast of Saved By The Bell.

Not Russian Out To Buy These

The Russian team's outfits in 2012 look more like an MC Esher painting.

All Aboard

The USA outfits for this summer have caused controversy in the States, not least because they look like cabin crew.

Prep Tools

Whereas at the 2008 Beijing Olympics the Ameicans looked more like preppy hipsters.

Not Lovin' It

The Spain Olympians this year will have to get used to being asked for cheese burgers and fries.