10 stupid football injuries

Footballers eh? Not the brightest bunch. When your brains are in your feet, it can often lead to that big, fleshy organ crammed into your noggin stopping basic things like limbs moving like they should and your body box not falling into other inanimate objects.

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini revealed star striker Sergio Ageuro will miss this weekend's action with a mystery injury, but refused to shed light on it other than to say it was 'stupid'. Aguero wouldn't be the first footballer to be the victim of a bizarre injury, check out these 10 unfortunate fools.

1. Allessandro Nesta

The AC Milan stalwart missed a month's action on the pitch after injuring a tendon in his thumb. How did he do this? Playing playstation all night long, he claimed. Yeah, Allessandro, 'Playstation'.

2. Richard Wright

Signs are annoying aren't they? Always saying things stupid things like "Danger! High voltage!" and "Corrosive! Do not put on skin!". How patronising. Former Everton goalkeeper Richard Wright showed he won't be told when he warmed up in the goalmouth against Chelsea despite a sign standing there saying "Do not warm up in goalmouth". Wright had the last laugh, though, when he tripped on the sign and broke his ankle. Oh.

3. Darius Vassell

The former Aston Villa and England (wait, ENGLAND? Really? Oh, ok then ) forward took DIY to a new level when he tried to burst a blood blister on his foot...with a chordless power drill. Cue facepalms all round. Unsurprisingly, the blister became infected and he had to have surgery to have part of his toenail removed to treat it.

4. Milan Rapaic

Eye injuries are never nice. Apart from when they are side-grabbingly funny. Step forward Croatian striker Milan Rapaic, who let confusion take him over on a flight to a game a few years back, and managed to stab himself in the eyeball with his boarding pass. Incredible.

5. Jari Litmanen

Another one for the catagory 'Stuff what got in my eye' as former Liverpool star and Finnish hero Jari Litmanen was in the wrong place at the wrong time when a Malmo sporting director decided to refresh with a nice can of Coke. The ring-pull from the can sprang off and hit poor Jari in the ey. Current West Brom boss Roy Hodsgon was Malmo gaffer at the time, and probably laughed his arse off.

6. Jerome Boateng

The Bayern Munich defender (and brother of break dancing, goal scoring, general being a madman Milan midfielder Kevin-Prince) had an unfortunate encounter with an aeroplane drinks trolley while on a trip to play for Germany. He injured a tendon in his knee, which delayed (and some would say ended) the start to his Manchester City career.

7. Liam Lawrence

Dogs. Man's best friend. Except when they are causing man to fall down stairs and injure man's ankle. Thus meaning man can't play for Stoke City for a few months. That's what happened to Liam Lawrence. We have a feeling a certain pooch didn't get walkies for a few days.

8. Leroy Lita

Waking up is hard to do. Or is that breaking up? Either way, ex-Reading forward Leroy Lita will vouch for the fomer, after injurying his back while having a good ol' morning stretch after a good night of shut-eye. Oops.

9.Norbert Nigbur

Forget waking up, what about standing up? Former Germany international Norbert Nigbur was having a lovely dinner out with his missus, when he made the unfortunate decision to move from a sitting position to a standing one. His knee said no, his leg said pain, and Norbert said 'Achtung!'. Probably. (Ok, so that's actually a photo of Franz Beckenbaur, we couldn't find one of Norbert).

10. Julio Arca

The Middlesbrough man is not a fan of the sea. Well, he might be but he definitely isn't fond of jellyfish. Durting a training session for former side Sunderland then left-sided player took a dip in the north sea, but immediately broke out into a nasty rash after a sting from an 'exotic' jellyfish and was rushed to hopsital. As Beyonce would put it, 'he wasn't ready for this jelly'.