The 12 Things That Everybody Hates On FIFA 15

1. ‘Sweaty goal’ (Pass across when 1-on-1 with the goalkeeper)

Another one of the most hated FIFA players. Either does this deliberately to provoke an angry response from the other player or because they don’t respect the FIFA code enough to not score one. This goal is scored out of importance rather than in friendly matches, for example if a win is needed to be promoted in seasons mode.


2. ‘Panenka’ penalty shootout

Made famous by Andrea Pirlo after his audacious chip against England at Euro 2012 – this move is often used by FIFA players while firmly in control of the match. Pays off around 50% of the time but the user is sometimes made to look daft when the goalkeeper stays down the middle.


3. Unrealistic signings on career mode

Regular players of career mode know exactly what this means. No matter who you start your season with; the same unrealistic transfers will take place. Usually involving rival clubs and ridiculously low fees, the FIFA career mode servers should be seriously looked at – could you see Sergio Aguero going to Manchester United for £25 million? Let’s be serious.


4. 90th minute headers

One of the most hated FIFA players in the gaming world. This player will always get lucky with a corner late on in the match, and with it comes the inevitability that there is a goal coming. The opponent is sent into fury as the cross is headed home with 90+3 on the clock and many blame the game for being fixed to allow this to happen.


5. Abusive language over headset/via message

These players are annoying as they cannot handle defeat. They feel the need to abuse others purely because they couldn’t beat their opponent. This gamer is usually seen hurling abuse over the headset or message while receiving a sarcastic response from their victorious opponent. More often than not, they believe they are a lot better than they actually are.


6. The EA Servers

Frequent online players experience troubles with the FIFA servers on a regular basis. Whether they’re having problems matching gamers up in similar divisions or the online store is down due to maintenance, there are always issues with the servers. This is most annoying when 3-0 up and the server crashes, denying yet another win on your FIFA career record.


7. Rage Quitting

These gamers are among the most committed but can turn nasty when they lose. As they become increasingly irate as the other team goes 1-0 up, the insults start and anger begins to increase – until the player explodes and quits the game, usually before sending an expletive message to the winner.


8. People not skipping the replays

This type of player becomes more annoying depending on the situation. Some will force the other player to watch a last minute winner or a spectacular effort, or one of the ‘sweaty goals’ that was mentioned earlier. This player usually frustrates the other into improving their level of performance and should they score, gives the original gamer a taste of their own medicine.


9. Pace Abusers

Another incredibly annoying FIFA player. This player may appear to have an all-silver ‘Ultimate Team’ but these players are often full of pace. This gamer has one tactic, to play the ball behind the back four and let the speedy strikers get on the end of it – often receive lots of abuse for building a low-chemistry side that just relies on the swiftness of their forwards.


10. Spending too much money on Ultimate Team packs

Ultimate Team on FIFA can become incredibly addictive – which tends to lead to money being spent on packs in the quest to build the perfect side. These players have more cash than sense, and are left raging after they are still without Cristiano Ronaldo after opening 40 gold packs. Also, money may help to build the squad but without natural gaming talent, that’s a complete waste.


11. Passing the ball around the defence

This is usually done by the FIFA player who scores an early goal, then attempts to sit on the 1-0 lead by maintaining possession for the remaining minutes of the game. This player is among the most annoying and as the game progresses; opponents begin to slide in an attempt to foul the players. 99% of the time, this player will receive angry comments about how they ruin the game and take the fun out of it.


12. The fact that it is impossible to have just one game

We’ve all been there. Anybody who plays FIFA has used the ‘just one more game’ liner while midway through a season, then goes on to win the FA Cup a measly five hours later. FIFA is addictive, and though we love it, it is equally as infuriating. Winning or losing, there is never a good time to stop playing, nor a bad one to start!

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