The 16 Types Of Fan You Don’t Want To Be Near At The Football

The Attention Seeker

This fan is more concerned with getting noticed by the television cameras than watching the game. Often wearing either very little or in an outfit that couldn’t look more out of place.


The One With The Selfie Stick

This type of fan has become popular in recent times, particularly in the World Cup. This fan takes around 50 photos per game on average – none are of the actual match.


The ‘Happy’ Couple

There is nothing more annoying than sitting behind a couple at the football. Whether just cuddling or sucking face, they’re certainly not watching the game – nor will they watch the majority of matches in the season.


The Pitch Invader

There’s always one. This type of fan has usually had one too many in the pub prior to the game, or has a huge obsession with certain players. Often halts the momentum of sides on the attack, much to the annoyance of supporters.


The ‘Wealdstone Raider’

Too many blokes have now started to blurt “You’ve got no fans!” out at the football. These fans are among the worst due to their lack of originality. Regularly seen shouting “Do you want some?” to opposition supporters.


The One With The Vuvuzela/Air Horn

The Vuvuzela rose to prominence at the 2010 World Cup. Although stadiums have banned these annoying items, many fans continue to bring them to matches. These fans become even more hated when they’re sat directly behind you.


The One With The Flare

This fan is usually a frequent ‘Away Day’ supporter. This guy waits until his side have scored a goal before setting off a flare, much to his delight. This fan can also be dangerous, sometimes throwing the flare onto the pitch.


The Biased One

One of the most annoying types of supporter. This fan, although enthusiastic, is blinded by love for his side. Nothing can ever go wrong in their eyes, and they probably think David Moyes could have turned it around at Old Trafford!


The Angry One

Other fans become increasingly annoyed with this fan as the game goes on. This fan is unnecessarily angry and aggressive towards players, officials and other fans. Usually seen abusing the referee with colourful language.


The One That Thinks He’s Funny

The ‘joker’ – except he’s not funny. More often than not, this supporter is seen attempting to crack jokes and make other fans laugh. People laugh at this fan, but not with them.


The One Who Brings a Sign

The fan with a sign is becoming increasingly popular. Often with a message for a past player or showing discontent at their manager, these fans are annoying as their huge sign blocks your view for the majority of the game.


The Desperate Autograph Hunter

These are seen throughout matches as the manager walks towards his dugout, or after the match has finished and the players go towards the tunnel. This fan is usually a tourist or a supporter that rarely attends matches.


The One Who Thinks He Can Start Off All The Chants

This fan thinks they have the god-given right to start off all chants. Located near the back of the stand, this supporter becomes irate should anybody else attempt to begin singing without him.


The Tweeter

This supporter is more concerned about tweeting than watching the game. Many fans become irate due to this fan wasting a ticket, as they keep up with the game via updates on Sky Sports News.


The ‘Windy’ One

This fan is found at every football ground on a Saturday afternoon. Whether he’s stuffed his face with a meat & potato pie or is just a nervous wreck, there will be a supporter who just cannot help himself. Usually seen blaming everybody else for the smell.


The One Who Leaves Early

Another really annoying type of supporter. These fans leave early in every game, even if the match is close or against a local rival. These supporters annoy other fans more than any other.