5 Things We Learned From Malaysia XI 1-1 Liverpool

Liverpool Need Their ‘Big Three’

After generally impressing in Thailand and in their games in Australia, Liverpool looked ragged and little short on ideas here.

Brendan Rodgers will be happy to get his players home having avoided serious embarrassment against a team they really should have beaten easily, and the Northern Irishman will be happy to see his newly-established ‘Big Three’ of Philippe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino and Christian Benteke when he gets there.

He needs to start working with those three in his side straight away, as without them here the Reds looked somewhat toothless.


If He Adds More Goals, The Hype Around Jordon Ibe Will Grow

What a goal this was.

Jordon Ibe levelled matters for Liverpool with a strike which was stunning in both the way he teed it up and dispatched it, and if the young winger can add more goals to his game then there is every reason to get carried away with his development.

With no Raheem Sterling around any more, plenty are looking to Ibe to provide the pace and trickery in wide areas, and although it is still too early to get carried away his rapid rise is proving impossible to ignore.


Divock Origi Will Find It Tough With Christian Benteke Around


As his previous performances on tour have shown, Divock Origi is a very raw forward and one who is going to have be given an awful lot of patience if he is to succeed.

In the signing of his fellow Belgian Christian Benteke, Origi has seen the arrival of not just a prime competitor for his place but a player who is far more suited to just what Liverpool need right now, which in short is guaranteed goals.

As he snatched at chances, overran the ball and saw efforts saved Origi proved that he isn’t that at the moment, and that is going to have to bide his time if he wants to make an impact at Anfield.


Patrick Ronaldinho Is The Greatest Name For A Footballer Ever

And so he came catapulting into our lives just when we didn’t expect it.

Not Dave Rivaldo, not John Garrincha, but the brilliantly named Patrick Ronaldinho (Wleh), who not only appeared on a teamsheet to face Liverpool but firmly established his marvellous moniker in the annals of pre-season friendly history by escaping the not-too-difficult-to-escape-from clutches of Dejan Lovren and firing the Malaysian XI into the lead.

You’d like to think that Lovren would have put up more of a fight to prevent the goal were this a match which really mattered, but his dozing allowed Paddy in score, create some laughs and trend on Twitter.

And we should all be thankful for that.


Liverpool Are Hugely Popular In Malaysia

Whatever the Reds’ fortunes are on the pitch they remain incredibly popular off it in Malaysia, where screaming supporters cheered on their favourites despite the sub-par nature of their performance.

After reportedly banking around £10m from their two games in Australia, it is no wonder that the Reds and other big clubs embark on such money-spinning tours every summer.

It definitely beats a rainy night in Wrexham. 


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