The 8 Types Of Big Money Striker That Your Club Might Sign In January

The Flop (Fernando Torres)

This player often signs for the club with hopes of winning titles and trophies for his new side, scoring 30 goals a season. However, he rarely scores, racks up a number of shocking misses and is mocked by opposing fans who usually chant lyrics along the lines of ‘What a waste of money!’ Once this player has lost his confidence, there is no return and he is sometimes loaned out because of his poor form, as well as minimising the embarrassment for the club.


The Injured One (Andy Carroll/Radamel Falcao)


This player always appears to be injured after signing for his new club. When he plays, he tends to perform well but will always pick up a fresh injury in training the following week. Fans usually like this player and remain patient, although their patience is tested when they collect their fourth hamstring injury of the season.


The Successful One (Zlatan Ibrahimovic)

This player has won everything, no matter where he has been. He has been crowned a champion in many of the world’s biggest leagues, always playing a huge individual part in these triumphs. This striker is usually confident, and with good reason, due to his high level of success throughout his career – often winning individual awards as well as team accolades. Those lucky enough to play for an excellent national side may also go on to win international tournaments, adding yet another trophy to their extensive collection.


The One Who Gets Around (Nicolas Anelka)


This player is incredibly disloyal, having played for a ridiculous number of clubs throughout an ageing career. This striker is usually fairly consistent in his scoring, yet fails to set the world on fire with his statistics and is replaced by a ‘better’ finisher. This player is featured in every transfer window and as he gradually gets older, will look for a move overseas to his 15th club of a long career, earning a big payday before he settles for retirement.


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The Immediate Success (Alexis Sanchez/Diego Costa)

This player comes into his new club and starts banging the goals in, earning instant respect and love from his new fans. He usually fills a void that helps the team to click and provides a spark that the side has previously lacked. Although this player may not continue his excellent immediate form, fans will continue to state that this striker is the perfect fit for the team and he can lead them to win every single trophy available this season. This striker usually bonds quickly with his manager, who tends to receive a lot of love and support for bringing the player in to the squad.


The Flight Risk (Luis Suarez/Mario Balotelli)

FBL-WC-2014-MATCH39-ITA-URU : News Photo

It is always a risk when a club decides to buy this striker, mainly due to his reputation and past incidents. This player is always in the news for controversial incidents, either on the field or off it – and drives his manager crazy with his escapades. Although this player tends to be extremely talented, managers and owners have to decide if he is worth the risk as he sometimes wins matches but also costs his side points too.


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The Long Term Investment (Wayne Rooney)

Although expensive at the time, this player is a young striker with the potential to be world class. This purchase may not always work out but when it does, the player more than pays off his price tag by contributing to title victories and cup triumphs. Many question the manager when the purchase is made but critics are soon hushed, especially if the striker makes an immediate impact. This player tends to spend the majority of his career at the club and is one of the most respected in the dressing room.


The One Who’s Worth His Weight in Gold (Cristiano Ronaldo)


This player may cost a lot originally, but he is worth his weight in gold. This striker becomes one of the best players in the world, scoring an insane amount of goals and helping his side to win a number of competitions. He becomes known as the ‘go-to’ guy on the team purely because he is so influential and opposition sides hate playing against him as he has the ability to beat any defender. Often seen at the top of the goalscoring charts on a regular basis.