Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd & More: As Twitter Turns 10, Check Out Football’s First Tweets!

Welcome to Twitter’s 10th birthday, tweeps!

That’s right, everyone’s favourite tool for news, information, funny cat pictures and outright rage has hit the big 1-0, and for many of us it has become a staple of our everyday lives. Some of us would even be out of a job if it didn’t exist… *cough*

So, to mark the big day we thought we’d take a look back through the archives to find what the great and the good of football were saying right at the very start of Twitter (which was loosely about three years after Jack Dorsey invented the thing and people worked out what it was).

Welcome to football’s first tweets.


Arsenal - @Arsenal

So this is where it all began.

Arsenal fans are known for their rabid Twitter devotion, and so they must worship this as Christians do the first page of the Bible.

It is essentially just a tweet to tell you that an Arsenal website exists, and that you can go there to look at Arsenal stuff, but, y’know, from tiny acorns and all that.


Liverpool - @LFC

Here’s ‘Nina B’ kicking off Liverpool’s official Twitter account with a stereotypical hark back to the Reds’ glorious past.

Whether or not she ever found that cameraman is unknown, as indeed is the fate of Nina herself, but what is clear is that no-one, anywhere, ever tweets like this any more. Mark J.


Chelsea - @ChelseaFC

Chelsea are here, they are on Twitter, and they are going to tweet to tell you that they are on Twitter IN STRIKING CAPITAL LETTERS.

Incidentally, this tweet was sent in April 2009, when an ageing Blues squad was coming to the end of a season in which Guus Hiddink had been parachuted in to save them. How times change, eh?


Manchester United - @ManUtd

Infamously late to the Twitter party, Manchester United launched their account with an inspirational message prior to the 2013/14 season, the first post-Sir Alex Ferguson campaign.

The legendary Scot may have gone, but not to worry, because here comes the purposeful, striding figure of David Moyes into the Old Trafford hotseat, and with tweets like this everything was going to be fine. JUST FINE.



Tottenham - @SpursOfficial

Long before the Harry Kane memes and the Dele Alli childhood selfies there was Michael ‘Daws’ Dawson, a hero to the Tottenham masses and a late call-up for England’s 2010 World Cup squad when Rio Ferdinand had to pull out.

Look at the pride here as Spurs tell us about that.

Dawson, by the way, failed to play a single minute as England crashed out in the second round.


Manchester City - @MCFC

Yeah… er… no idea what’s going on here.

A quick investigation throws up the fact that City played away to Hamburg in the UEFA Cup a day after this tweet was sent, so we can only assume that ‘Tim’ was watching the squad skip the queues in the airport.

They may as well have not bothered, as they lost 3-1 the next day.


Leicester City - @LCFC

Just think, when they’re Premier League champions in a few weeks’ time this will be studied for generations.


Newcastle United - @NUFC

Unsure about the way that this Twitter thing worked, Newcastle tested the water with this effort.

Still makes more sense than anything Joe Kinnear ever said.


Stoke City - @stokecity

Start as you mean to go on.


Aston Villa - @AVFCOfficial

Safe to say there won’t be one of these this June…


England - @england

I reckon you’ll get out of that group easily, lads.


Wayne Rooney - @WayneRooney

Oh, Wayne.

Incidentally, does this explain that missed drug test of Ferdinand’s several years earlier?


Luis Suarez – @LuisSuarez9

Cheers Luis.


Dele Alli - @Dele_Alli

First. Tweet. Ever.

What a man.


Aaron Ramsey - @aaronramsey

A progressively dark tweet from Aaron Ramsey here, who manages to inject excitement and sadness into his first 140-character effort.

Gibbo must not have known what to think.


All tweets taken from Twitter's 'Discover Your First Tweet' - Discover Yours Here