Best Tweets From The Weekend

Play-off final winner Carlton Cole gets ready to celebrate on Saturday night. sexdrugsandrock'n'cole 

Celebrity West Ham fan James Corden tells us more than we needed to know about Carlton Cole! unnecessarypenisreference

The Chelsea full-back may not be the most popular man in Britain, but he does have the unwavering support of a moderately successful boyband. celebbuddies

Former Chelsea boss Ruud Gullit just couldn't resist visiting the winning dressing room at the Allianz Arena. Here he is chilling with #RdM (Ruud knows his way around a hashtag, evidently) and two other blokes who may or may not be imposters. awkward

Champions League-winning defender David Luiz is feeling the congratulatory love. whatageezer

The eagle-eyed Phil Neville can't have been the only one to notice that the Chelsea rightback was rather hogging the limelight when his side lifted the trophy. If only the Everton skipper applied his eye for detail to punctuation. monobrow

No doubt spurred by James Corden's 'close' relationship with his football friend, Snoop trumps him with one of his own. connected

Chelsea's non-playing, trophy-lifting, salt-in-wound-rubbing captain becomes the butt of @StupidFootball's jokes. terrytakingallthecredit

As ever, TV presenting protagonist Piers Morgan couldn't help himself. thenewdavidmay

...and they keep coming, this time courtesy of Blackburn's Yakubu. boldmove

Spare a thought, though, for the poor Bayern players, defeated on home soil. Central defender Jerome Boateng will be hoping to put the defeat behind him by helping Germany to victory in Euro 2012. redemption