Brooklyn Beckham and 5 Famous Footballer's Sons To Watch

Has Brooklyn Beckham been Googled more than his dad this week? One minute the 15-year-old's career was over at Arsenal, the next a move to Manchester United was being considered as something that might actually happen.

Imagine the global brand win there, as United attempt to bill themselves as a family club. Meanwhile, somewhere in England there's a pop music mogul already plotting a way to introduce a member of his manufactured girl band to Beckham junior.

There's no escape for Brooklyn now. Whether he makes it as a footballer or goes and plays Calum Best for a couple of decades, you should expect to be reading about it on a daily basis. That's the life his old man gifted to him.

Brooklyn's not alone in this fate, of course. He's just one of many sons of famous footballing fathers. Here are five others to watch as they attempt to live up to the expectancy that begins the moment they leave the womb.


1. Enzo Fernandez

Full name Enzo Alan Zidane Fernandez, Enzo is the firstborn son of roulette-ing midfield genius and headbutting nutcase Zinedine, aka 'Zizou'.

The 19-year-old recently broke into the Real Madrid Castilla set-up, the Galatico's reserve team that features the likes of Martin Odegaard and is managed by none other than Enzo's old man.

Enzo is exactly the prospect his genes demanded he would be. He's two-footed, a box of tricks and glides around midfield with the grace of classical dancer. And he can shoot. Remind you of anyone?

Soon enough he'll get his chance. Do we care? The millions of views on Enzo's YouTube showreels suggest we care rather greatly, and if the prospect of one mini Zizou isn't enough, consider that the great man also has three younger sons involved in the Madrid youth ranks.


2. Diego Poyet

pre-season Schalke 04 Cup - 'FC Schalke 04 v West Ham United' : News Photo

The son of Sunderland manager Gus, Diego Poyet is a player of real potential I've mentioned before in this column.

The 19-year-old holding midfielder is regarded as an accomplished passer with a mature attitude and a strong competitive streak—as evidenced by his decision to battle for first-team football at West Ham rather than go out on loan for the rest of the season. He loves a tackle like his old man loved a goal.

Poyet is still waiting for a run under Sam Allardyce, but based on the potential shown so far he could be a Premier League regular in years to come.

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3. Cristian Totti

There's no better dad to have if you're in the Roma youth ranks than God-like club genius Francesco Totti. 

Cristian is just nine, so we're getting ahead of ourselves a little here, but he's already scored in a juniors Rome derby (Roma beat Lazio 3-1) and shown off his skills before Roma's fanatical faithful at the Olympic Stadium.

If Francesco could just keep going for another five years, he could play alongside his 16-year-old prodigy son at the ripe old age of 43.


4. Joe van der Sar

Son of Manchester United and Netherlands star Edwin, Joe is following in the family tradition as a goalkeeper.

Now 16, Van der Sar junior has already had spells in the youth ranks at United and club VV Noordwijk, and now he's at that most legendary of Dutch institutions, Ajax.

With his crop of blonde hair Joe looks more like another former United great Peter Schmeichel than his old man. There's not much out there to speak to his talent, but if Edwin passed down his fast hands and famous ice-cool composure, Joe could be a seriously big name in five years' time.


5. Isaac Drogba

Chelsea v Galatasaray AS - UEFA Champions League Round of 16 : News Photo

Didier Drogba junior is 15 and has already turned out for Chelsea's youth team. His dad revealed recently that Isaac, though born in France, would like to play for England if he gets the chance, so here's hoping he's as good as his old man.

The one clip out there shows Isaac at a younger age, slaloming a tackle in the same manner we've grown accustomed to watching his father do over his long and storied career.

The Drogba name certainly carries its share of weight in Chelsea circles. Could we one day be watching a Blues side managed by Didier with his son leading the line?

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