Chat with our South American football expert Ed Malyon on Google+ Hangout

(That's not Ed Malyon by the way, Ed has much better hair).

So, we like to think we are an innovative bunch here at Unibet and we've embraced the latest bit of Social Media kit to bring your something different.

Over at our Google+ page we will be hosting Hangouts with our expert tipsters.

Hangouts are a new feature on Google+ that allow followers to chat face-to-face with experts and celebs. Check out David Beckham hosting one of the very first Google+ Hangouts here.

Becks hasn't yet agreed to feature on one of our Hangouts, but the lovely Ed Malyon will be our first, bringing his South American expertise to our Google+ page.

He will be live and ready from 1pm tomorrow. To get involved sign up to Google+ (it takes about 30 seconds) and head to our page tomorrow at 1pm. It's that simple!