The 10 Worst European Championships Kits Ever

We all love a good football kit, but sadly over the years there have been some horrors paraded in front of the watching masses at the European Championships.

While we're hoping Euro 2012 will have some belters on offer, here we look back over the years at some that have offended the retinas more than most.

10. Denmark home kit, 1992

The shock of the tournament wasn't just Denmark's win over Germany in the final, but their horrid white blocky shoulder design. Yuck.

9. Spain away kit, 2008

The Spanish won their first major trophy in 2008, despite looking like a cyclist at the head of the Tour de France in this not-quite-yellow-not-quite-gold effort.

8. England away kit, 1996

England's most disappointing Euro moment ever came in their most disappointing kit as they lost on penalties to Germany in 1996. Teddy Sheringham couldn't handle the blandness.

7. Czech Republic home kit, 1996

A little known fact: one of the reasons the Czech Republic were able to take Euro 1996 by storm was the hypnotic stripes down the sleeves and shorts of their kit that left opponents dazed.

6. Germany home kit, 2004

Michael Ballack and co were donned in such a horrid, lego-brick style shirt in 2004 that opposition players and officials fell over each other not to get near it.

5. Germany goalkeeper's kit, 1992

Ever wondered what a keeper's shirt would look like were it modelled on a morning TV programme? Bodo Illgner's effort for Germany in 1992 is the closest you'll get, sun rays streaming across it.

4. Denmark goalkeeper's kit, 1992

Such a fan of '80s brain-teaser TV show the Krypton Factor, was Peter Schmeichel, that he demanded his goalie shirt for Euro 1992 be designed on the former tea-time smash hit.

3. Holland home kit, 1988

A wonderful team ruined by a terrible kit that was so bad some players preferred to just take it off and wear silly orange hats instead.

2. Portugal home kit, 1996

Looking more like an off-the-shelf Sunday League kit than an international team's proud colours, this effort hosts numbers straight from Sesame Street. Urgh!

1. England goalkeeper kit, 1996

No wonder David Seaman looks so distraught, having to don this monstrosity, which looks like someone ate all the other goalie shirts and then threw up on the Three Lions shot-stopper. Truly horrid.