5 Best Moments From Spain v Portugal

1. Penalty cock-ups of the day


This award goes to Portugal. First, they sent cumbersome defender Bruno Alves up at the wrong time - he subsequently missed his spot kick after Nani had shoved him aside and told him to wait his turn. Then, Ronaldo, fully expecting the shootout to last the full ten kicks, never got his chance to take one. Portugal's captain and regular taker presumably wanted the glory for himself, electing to take his team's fifth - and normally decisive - spot kick. But said glory instead belonged to Spain's Cesc Fabregas, leaving Ronaldo feeling unfulfilled in more ways than one. Spain progress to Sunday's final, and can now be backed at 1.85 to lift their third successive major trophy.

2. Forgone conclusion of the day


With so many individual club rivalries spread throughout this most fierce of international derbies, emotions were always going to run high. And, if there were one thing you could've bet your bottom dollar on, then it was Pepe, the perennial hot head, picking up a card of some sort, which he did on the hour mark. Props to our Spanish expert, Paul Wilkes who tipped this forgone conclusion at 2.50. If you didn't back it, then more fool you!

3. Player of the day

Congratulations to Sergio Ramos, who shone at centre half for the defending champions. Often accused of lacking the positional sense to play at the heart of the defence, Ramos was superb from start to finish at the Donbass Arena last night, patrolling admirably across Spain's rearguard and looking every inch a sound replacement for the injured Carles Puyol. What's more, Ramos then capped an inspired display with a nonchalant penalty to top even Andrea Pirlo's.

4. The 'that'll learn you' moment of the day


Sergio Busquets is the first to roll around as if he's been shot when someone leaves a foot in on him. He's also the first to start waving imaginary cards at the referee, as he did in suggesting Ronaldo dived last night. The ref was having none of it, though, and instead booked Busquets for his whining. That'll learn you, Sergio.

5. Lookalike of the day


Fabio Coentrao is a doppleganger for '90s one-hit wonder Chesney Hawkes. And the left back has been 'the one and only' consistent performer for the Portuguese this tournament. Badoomtush!