Top 5 European Championship songs

Football and music doesn't always mix well (think Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle. Actually, dont' It'll ruin your day), but

5. Can You Hear Me (Austria/Switzerland 2008)

By recording this official antehm for 2008, Enrique Iglesias confirmed himself as the only singer to have sung in EVERY SONG EVER. It's not a bad effort. For him.

4. Forca (Portugal 2004)

Official tournament songs can usually be relied upon to be absolute rubbish and an audio attack on all ears, but Nelly Furtado's effort for her home country in 2004 wasn't TOO bad. Sort of.

3. More Than A Game (Sweden 1992)

Music in the 90s was just, erm, weird wasn't it? This effort from Swedish dueo Towe Jaarek & Peter Joback sounds more like a Eurovision entry. But, you know, a good one. Which isn't hard.

2. We All Get Nil Together (Ireland 2012)

Catchy? Yes. Tuneful? Certainly. Serious? Not likely, but some self deprecating Irish lads have written a ditty for this summer's Euros. God know what they'll do if Ireland actually score.

1. Three Lions (England, 1996)

Easily the best Euro song ever, it nearly had the desired effetct as England were one kick away from the final on home soil in 1996. Gareth Southgate cearly hadn't been lsitening.