Top 9 Funny Euro 2012 Names

What's in a name? Well, sometimes a load of humour as these nine belters show. QUIET AT THE BACK!

9. Pontus Wernbloom (Sweden)

A Swedish footballer but also a 1870s English private detective.

8. Tomas Necid (Czech Rep)

Let's hope he doesn't expose himself during the tournament.

7. Custodio (Portugal)

This guy reckons he's above the law!

6. Simon Cox (Ireland)

Oh, that's just rude.

5. Jack Butland (England)

Worst. Theme park. Ever.

4. Behrang Safari (Sweden)

The most exotic player in the Euros.

3. Niki Zimling (Denmark)

A 90s Euro pop star.

2. Lars Bender (Germany)

Oh come on, behave!

1. Kirill Nababkin (Russia)

I've got nothing to add here; it's just plain ridiculous.