The Wonderful World of Woy - Hodgson gets the England job

So everyone's favourite footablling uncle, Roy Hodgson, has got the England job. After a career that has seen him coach in more countries than Wayne Rooney can list, the Croydon-born manager has finally nabbed the biggest job in English football.

To celebrate, Unibet has dug up some of the best and wackiest photos from his illustrious career. 

To start, here's a young Woy gazing lovingly into the camera during his stint as Switzerland boss in 1990.  

And modelling this year's beige raincoat, is Roy from Milan.

Roy realises he left Ronaldo alone with the lunch buffet during an Inter Milan training session.

The crowd goes wild for Roy's return to England as Fulham boss.

Roy during his Robert de Niro from Casino phase.

"Roy, what do you think of Bobby Zamora's call up to the England squad?"

Roy tries a disguise when things turned sour at Liverpool.

"I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me"

And finally, Roy celebrates getting a phonecall from the FA. First in the club...

And then with his mates on the way home.