5 Things We Learned From Spain 1- 0 Czech Republic

 Spain Have Never Replaced David Villa

David Villa is perhaps one of the most underappreciated footballers in recent times. He waspivotal to the Spain team that won three successive tournaments.

Lar Roja have never actually been consistently wonderful in a tournament. It is something people tend to forget. They weren’t all tiki taka paradise on the way to those successes. But Villa’s goals dragged them through tough moments.

It was he who scored a 90th minute winner against Sweden in 2008 and his goals were the difference against Chile, Portugal and Paraguay in the World Cup in 2010. If he was in this team, the game would have been over by half-time.   


 There Is No Stand Out Team In This Tournament

We have seen all the fancied teams, with the exception of Belgium, and it is safe to say no one has really stamped their authority on this competition.

Germany had the biggest win of the Championships so far but they looked shaky and a case could be made for Manuel Neuer being their man of the match, England were negative, France needed a piece of late brilliance and Spain here finished poorly and looked creaky.

That all makes for an exciting and unpredictable tournament. It could possibly mean and unexpected winner. Italy, we’re looking at you.


 Tomas Rosicky Has Been Around An Incredibly Long Time


Iniesta Is Still The Best Dictator Of A Game

The Spanish magician was at his devastating best here. Much like Toni Kroos for Germany and Grzgorz Krychowiak for Poland yesterday he simply ran the game.

He glided past the flailing Czech midfield and cushioned passes with both feet into the path of his teammates in red.  He created numerous chances for Alvaro Morata early on, woi just couldn’t beat the impressive Petr Cech. Eventually it was his magestic cross that led to Pique's winner.

It wasn’t just his wondrous control of the game that saw him stand out but his willingness to track back and do his defensive duties. It really makes you wonder just where Spain would be without him.


Nolito Struggled But He Can Be Spain’s Trump Card

The Celta Vigo man could be the key for Spain in this tournament, he is completely different to anything they have had in recent years.

He is so direct that he almost instantly takes the ball and drives at goal, he adds some welcome ‘selfishness’ to this very watchable Spanish side. That’s the beauty of having a player who is more of a striker on the flanks.

He was hugely nervous in this game. His touch was poor and he just didn’t seem to take the ball in his stride. He’d scored four goals in three games heading into this and if he relaxes he can be major threat.