Euro 2016: 5 Things We Learned From England 1-1 Russia

Don’t Get Carried Away By Rooney’s Midfield Display 

Wayne Rooney patrolled the middle of the park like a man who knew he was better than anyone. He picked up the ball and sprayed it left, right, diagonal, over the top, wherever it needed to be. Of course he did, he’s Wayne Rooney. That is what he does when he is given the freedom of Marseille.

The England captain did nothing in this game that we did not know he could. The question over him playing in central midfield is not whether he can actually do it, he has the technical ability to play any outfield positon with a level competency, it is how he performs when under pressure and against top quality opposition.

This display shouldn’t be cast asunder, it was impressive and it was certainly a good start to his life as an international midfielder but would Hodgson be as confident putting him up against some of the tournament’s better teams. Yes, be excited but don’t suddenly declare him England’s new midfield hope.


England’s Opening Game Hoo-doo Continues

The Three Lions’ record in the opening game of the Euros did not read well heading into this games, they hadn’t won a single curtain raiser in this competition. In fact, they had won just four of their 18 openers in major tournaments. 

They somehow managed not to end that here.


Eric Dier Can Take A Mean Free-kick


Hodgson Has A Lot To Thank Klopp For

Under Brendan Rodgers Adam Lallana showed flashes of brilliance and scored the occasional goal at Liverpool but he never really scaled any heights. In fact he was slated by many fans and became a bit of a joke at times, mainly for his affinity with the Cruyff turn.

Fast forward 12 months and he looks a different player. He oozes confidence and the silkiness off his touches makes him look every bit the part of a Spanish footballer.

The former Saints man went beyond Harry Kane and stretched the Russia defence providing space out wide for Kyle Walker and the roaming Dele Alli.  Lallana had his chances, and if your being picky you could say he should have been more fruitful in front of goal, but that would be extremely harsh, he was superb.


Harry Kane Taking Corners is Wrong, Immoral And Will Never Be Right