Euro 2016: 5 Things We Learned From Wales 2-1 Slovakia

Wales’ Acceptance That They Are A ‘One Man Team’ Is Their Biggest Strength

Cometh the hour, cometh the man. They say you have to prove yourself at an international tournament to be proven a great. Gareth Bale isn’t going to win one with Wales but he became the first man to score at a major tournament for them in 58 years. That should wrap up your statue Gareth.

Yes, the keeper was suspect, OK, he was non-existent but he has that wonderful habit of coming up with a key moment. He’s been doing it for Wales for ages and now he does it for Real Madrid. It was seven of 11 goals in qualifying for the former Spurs man and you can throw one-man team at them all you want but what a man.

He’s given license to do what he please but that is testament to Chris Coleman and the rest of the players that they recognise that he is a far superior footballer and allow him to do his work. Sometimes, the hardest thing for teammates is to accept that they have one superior player in their ranks, Wales have done that and while they are far from a one man team; that is the reason they are so successful and is the key to them progressing in these Championships.


The Official Behind The Goal Is Essentially a Chocolate Fireguard 

Seriously, what is the point? Have they ever made a decision in a big game that has proved pivotal?

If they are just going to stand there and bottle every decision then they are of no use whatsoever. It’s about time it was addressed, all they do is serve to anger football supporters at their complete and utter impotence. 


They Calll Him Jonniesta For  A Reason

The Crystal Palace man was an unexpected starter in this game but he was Wales’ most potent threat in the first period and had a huge impact on the game. He was the man fouled for Greth Bale’s free-kick opener and he should have won a penalty when assaulted by Skrtel.

He has been branded ‘Joniesta’, a light-hearted nod to his similarity to Andres Iniesta, and while that is obviously a wild over exaggeration, he was excellent here in a really positive Wales performance. The absence of Hal Robson-Kanu was meant to make this awkward but it could be argued that the two free-er roles afforded to Williams and Bale worked superbly.

His intelligent movement and ability to drop the shoulder could be crucial for Wales. He may just have earned himself a starting berth for as long as Wales are in this tournament.


Wales Being In This Tournament Is Something Very, Very Special

The noise made by Wales fans at the start of the game was phenomenal and throughout it seemed to get even louder. The stadium was a sea of red and the cacophonous atmosphere made for many spine-tingling moments throughout the game. Where the hell have you lot been for the last 58 years????


It Will Be A Miracle If Skrtel Isn’t Sent Off In This Tournament

Martin Skrtel is clearly a man keen for an early trip home.

He was on a one man mission to get sent off here, it was one he should have completed but for the totally stupidity and blindness of the official behind the goal.

The Liverpool man looked out of his depth whenever anyone ran at him and he was concerned with stopping anyone running, than winning the all back. He got away with numerous body checks and fouls in this match and you feel if he employs the same tactics over the next two games he is a red card waiting to happen.