Handshakegate Revisited? All eyes on Ferdinand and Terry at Old Trafford

When Chelsea arrive at Old Trafford on Sunday, a number of rivalries will be resumed: Sir Alex Ferguson vs Rafa Benitez (the FACT! vs Fury battle), Fernando Torres vs Fernando Torres' crushing sense of disappointment, and Wayne Rooney vs the naysayers. But the eyes of the world will first be drawn to events prior to kick-off, when we could see a return of Handshakegate.

After the ugly exchange (and subsequent court case) involving Chelsea skipper John Terry and Anton Ferdinand, the latter's brother made a point when these sides met in February. Rio refused to shake hands with either Terry or Ashley Cole, who had defended his Chelsea team-mate from accusations of racism.

This weekend with Unibet, you can bet on whether or not Ferdinand senior chooses to shake hands with either player!

Rio Ferdinand to shake hands with Ashley Cole - Yes 1.10, No 6.00.

Rio Ferdinand to shake hands with John Terry - Yes 2.00, No 1.72.

Do you think Rio will snub Ashley Cole one year on? Or do you think all will be forgotten between him and Terry? Get your bets on now!