Top 10 FA Cup final songs

...and by Top 10 we obviously mean Worst 10. Well, with a few belters chucked in. But by and large FA Cup final songs consist of footballers with oversized headphones singing awkwardly in a studio while a comedian dances like a Butlins Red Coat in front of them.

And as Chelsea and Liverpool prepare to do battle in the 131st FA Cup Final this weekend at Wembley, we dig out some of the most, erm... memorable songs from down the years.

10. A Message To You Rooney - Crawley Town 2011

Jerry Dammers from the Specials is probably turning in his grave. Actually, he's not dead but if he was he'd be spinning like drill underground. Ok, so not techincally an FA Cup final song, but still inherently bad enough to make our list, this 2011 effort from the (then) Conference side before their 1-0 fifth round defeat to Manchester United.

9. Move Move Move - Manchester United 1996

Move Move Move...away from the speakers. This offering from the Red Devils before their 1996 final win against Liverpool is a reminder of just how bad some music was in the 90s. Look out for the players trying to keep up with the lyrics, apart from Steve Bruce who just doesn't care.

8. All Together Now -Everton 1995

As the old saying goes; if you can't think of a decent song, just use someone elses and then change the words slightly to match your chosen subject. Everton did this to perfection (well bad perfection) before their 1995 clash with Manchester United. And it worked as Paul Rideout scored the winner. Boof!

7. Let's Dance - Middlesbrough 1997

Remember we were talking about comedians jumping around being generally silly? Here's Bob Mortimer trying to get the Middlesbrough side excited before their (inevitable) final defeat to Chelsea in 1997. Extra marks to Bob for getting Juninho to remember his own name and where he was born.

6. Glad All Over - Crystal Palace 1990

Oh god! The shellsuits! My eyes! MY EYES! The Palace team of 1990 may have been a well drilled, hard working unit, but their dress sense was terrible. Here they are awkwardly belting out the club's signature tune Glad All Over, while Mark Bright looks anything but. The Eagles took Manchester United to a replay after a thrilling 3-3 draw but lost 1-0 to a Lee Martin goal.

5. Blue Is The Colour - Chelsea 1972

Yes, blue is a colour. And yes, football is a game. Nice of the Chelsea team of 1972 to point that out to us. This song was actually recorded by the Blues team of 1972 for their League Cup final clash with Stoke City, so not really an FA Cup final song but still a final song! Anyway, they lost 2-1 so they were definitely feeling blue afterwards. Harr harr!

4. Hot Stuff - Arsenal 1998

This song will sadly forever be associated with Prince Charles thrusting his hips in a dole office queue, but due to the mediocrity of the rest of our list still makes the top five. If only for Ian Wright losing himself in the moment while the rest of the squad think about what they'll be ordering at the bar. It worked, though, as they cruised past Newcastle United in the final to wrap up a league and up double.

3. Abide With Me - London Gospel Choir

Finally! A decent song! Here is the London Gospel Choir showing impressive lung capacity before the 2009 final by belting out the FA Cup final's traditional tune and making the 80,000 capacity New Wembley their own. High five guys and gals, brilliant stuff!

2. Ossie's Dream - Tottenham 1981

Now, let's get one thing clear; mocking foreigner's accents is neither big nor clever. But in 1981 is was more than accepted and also deemed bloody hilarious. Point in case: Ossie Ardiles' charming lyric "In the cup for Tottingham" during the Chas and Dave led FA Cup final song for Spurs before their 1981 victory over Manchester City. Extra points for spotting a very young Chris Hughton with impressive afro.

1. Anfield Rap - Liverpool 1988

Two years before he brought the world arguably the greatest football song, nay SONG, ever with World In Motion, John Barnes proved he could twist defenders inside out on the pitch, and twist words into lyrical gold off it. Here he is leading his Liverpool chums in 1988 in the Anfield Rap - officially the first time Scoucers had been alllowed to dabble in hip hop music - before their shock defeat to Wimbledon.