Facepalm! Top 10 Defensive Howlers

Defenders have one simple job on a football pitch: stop the ball going into their own goal. But many get confused and quite often do the exact opposite.

In the Premier League this weekend, two defenders felt generous and passed the ball right to opposing strikers, who both netted. Here are those two howlers, as well as eight other defensive slip ups of the hilarious kind.

10. Pass Master

With his team leading 2-1, Liverpool defender Martin Skrtel passed the ball right to Man City's Carlos Tevez, who cooly equalised. Oops.

9. Pleased To Michu

West Ham's James Collins tried to play the ball back to his keeper, but proceeded to kick his standing foot. Swansea's Michu did the rest.

8. Block Party

Porto's Marc Janko is the recipient of some casual defending here from Nacional. 

7. Right Back Atcha!

Scroll to 0.57 for this classic, from a Reading FC gaffes video. A Derby defender kindly gives possession straight back to the Royals, who score. Silly.

6. Pent Up Frustration

Welling keeper Carl Pentner won't forgive us for reminding the world of this howler. He slices a poor backpass and allows Chelmsford's Luis Chambers in to score easily. D'oh!

5. After You

To Italy, where defenders are always casual. So much so, in fact, that they just pass the ball straight to opposition forwards six yards out. "No, I insist, after you..."

4. Hit The Deck

This defender in the Egyptian league looks like he has it covered, only to lose his footing (or get shot by a sniper, we're not sure which).

3. Time For A New Korea?

This Korean Under-20 defender literally handed Germany a goal when she caught the ball in the box for no apparent reason. Er...

2. Face Up To Your Mistake

To Brazil, where defenders are guilty of friendly fire. Dedon Diego gets a face full of studs, as his team-mate boots him in the face and proceeds to give the ball right to the opposition forward. Ouch.

1. I Want To Ride My Bicycle

But the best defender screw-up comes from Bosnia's Stojan Vranjes.  He messes up his clearance against Mexico, then attempts a scissor kick to make amends, only to give it right to Chicharito. Oh dear.