Five Reasons Why Messi is Better Than Ronaldo

1. Small but brilliant

Messi is able to do everything Ronaldo can do - the goals, the assists, the skills - but is only five foot seven inches and doesn't possess the raw power of Ronaldo. For his size and physical shape, and given the trend for strong and powerful players, Messi's achievements are remarkable.

2. Modest attitude

While Ronaldo has one of the biggest egos in football, Messi is a relatively humble guy. He doesn't hunt publicity or attend fashion shows, he just plays football. Better than anyone else.

3. Better statistics

It doesn't matter whether you look at goals or assists, Messi beats Ronaldo every time. Last season he scored 75 goals, while Ronaldo scored 62. Messi notched up 18 assists, while Ronaldo managed a measely 14. They're both phenomenal, but Messi shades it.

4. Better for his country (despite the myth that he isn't)

Despite the popular belief that Messi doesn't perform for Argentina like he does for Barca, Messi has scored 37 goals in 83 matches for his country. That's one goal every 2.24 games. Ronaldo has scored 43 goals for Portugal, but it's taken him 107 games to do it - a ratio of one goal every 2.49 games.

5. Messi has won more

Messi's six La Liga titles, three Champions Leagues, two Copa del Reys, one FIFA Club World Cup and Olympic Gold with Argentina outstrips Ronaldo's team honours. Oh, and there's the four consecutive Ballon D'or wins. Ronaldo has won a lot, Messi has won more.

Maybe you think Ronaldo is better...

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