15 Signs You Need Football Manager 2015 In Your Life

With Football Manager 2015 set for release on November 7, Iain Macintosh has recognised 15 signs that you need to play this game. But let’s be honest, you only need one, don’t you? 


1 You haven’t been able to start a game since June because if there’s a new edition on the way, then spending hundreds of hours tinkering with a pretend football team on the old one would just be a waste of time. 


2 When David Moyes told the BBC that he was ready to return to management and that he was just waiting for the right job, you shed a little tear because that’s exactly how you feel.


3 You’re an angry Liverpool fan and this is the only way you’re going to be able to get rid of Mario Balotelli.

4 You’ve put your entire social life on hold for the last week just in case the Beta version launched early. You’re already used to not leaving the house. The transition period from social monster to hunched hermit will pass unnoticed. 


5 You haven’t watched Burnley since they arrived in the Premier League. You’ve scouted them.


6 Your favourite regens retired and you’ve developed ‘empty nest’ syndrome. 


7 In advance of the new ‘tracksuit manager’ option, you’ve devoted more time than you want to admit to assessing your real life coaching credentials. You think you might be quite good at ‘tactical coaching’ because you’ve read ‘Inverting the Pyramid’ twice. 


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8 You’re halfway through Uli Hesse’s ‘Tor: The Story of German Football’ because Hamburg are so, so ripe for takeover and you want to impress the fans with your wider Bundesliga knowledge in your first press conference. 


9 You live in Lowestoft and you’ve waited patiently for years for ‘The Trawler Boys’ to make their Football Manager debut. They’re in the Vanarama North now. This is your golden age. 


10 You’ve never wanted to manage Arsenal before because you’ve always felt that replacing Arsene Wenger would seem like cheating. This year, however, you sense that it’s going to feel okay…


11 You’ve bought a moleskin notepad. You don’t know what you’re going to do with it, but by thunder, it feels so right in your hand.


12 The introduction of in-game, targeted player instruction means that you can bully Wayne Rooney on a minute-by-minute basis and this pleases you profoundly. 


13 It’s been exactly 12 months since you last obsessed about creating a holistic footballing empire with every level of the team playing a Pochettino-style high-pressing game that you realise too late is hopelessly compromised if you pick players who lack pace, stamina or determination.


14 You’re worried about paying for Christmas and you need something to ensure that you don’t go to the pub between now and late December. 


15 You want to document your progress in the Premier League, or any other 20 team division, with this helpful grid and you don’t think there’s anything weird about that at all. And you’re quite correct.


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