5 Iconic Moments From The Argentina v Brazil Rivalry

Its Argentina v Brazil in a World Cup qualifier in Buenos Aires at midnight tonight, and we all know that it’s going to be eventful whenever those two face off.

Luckily enough, then, you can bet and watch the match live on Unibet TV, and to get you in the mood here are five classic moments from the rivalry.


Pele’s Perfect Chip, 1970

Pele’s moments of genius in a Brazil shirt weren’t just confined to World Cups, and in this clash with Argentina in 1970 he produced a perfect chip which left goalkeeper Agustin Cejas grasping thin air.

He’d have been better off going for the ball.


Dirty Diego, 1982

Neither of these two like losing to the other, especially not when it means that they are going to go out of the World Cup.

That’s what seemed to be on Diego Maradona’s mind when he launched into this studs-up lunge on Brazil’s Joao Batista da Silva in the 1982 tournament for which he, not entirely surprisingly, received a red card.

As 1994 proved though, this wasn’t to be his worst World Cup exit.


Dynamic Diego (& Clever Caniggia), 1990

Here’s little Diego at his best though, as he bamboozles half of the Brazilian team before releasing Claudio Caniggia to score the goal which knocked Brazil out of the second round of the 1990 World Cup, which is always worth celebrating if you’re from Argentina.


Kaka Keeps Going… And Going… And Going, 2006

By 2006 they were even taking this show on the road, and Kaka chose the occasion of the first ever international match at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium to score this stunning solo goal in a 3-0 victory for Brazil.

Orlando City seemed so far away back then.


Messi’s Magic Moment, 2012

And of course we couldn’t sign off without a look at Lionel Messi, who’ll sadly be absent from tonight’s qualifier.

Back in 2012 the little maestro chose a clash against Brazil to further prove that he really is on another planet to the rest of us, with this – his third goal – the pick of the bunch.

The show off.


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