5 Reasons Why O'Neill & Keane will Revive The Republic

1. They will gain instant respect

Most players in the world would want to impress a coaching team of O'Neill and Keane, and it's a combination that will instantly steer the dressing room in the right direction. Even opposition dugouts will respect Ireland's.


2. O'Neill is a tremendous motivator

O'Neill is one of those managers that can squeeze the very best out of what he's got in front of him. He has had a huge positive influence on the careers of a number of top players and can do the same with a fresh batch of young talent emerging in the Ireland squad.


3. They both hold Brian Clough in high esteem

Having both played under Clough at crucial times in their playing careers, O'Neill and Keane will bring their idol's no nonsense attitude to the dressing room. They also have some synergy having worked together before on TV and will have shared ideas and discussed plans at length before being announced as the custodians of Ireland's footballing future.


4. O'Neill's attacking approach can benefit team

Five years of sideways football under Trappatoni may have taken its toll, so O'Neill's attacking approach will serve as a breath of fresh air for players and fans alike. McLean, McGeady, Long, Keane et al should all benefit from his refreshing, expansive style, in the same way that Ashley Young and James Milner did at Aston Villa.


5. Keane can have direct impact on squad

Roy Keane has often bemoaned the lack of individual quality in the Ireland squad in recent times. But now he can help them become better as a unit by working closely with them on the training pitch. His experience and winning instinct - set to flourish in the less pressured role of assistant - will surely rub off on the younger players as the Republic of Ireland look to start afresh for the Euro 2016 qualification campaign.


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