15 Reasons Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez Is Made For The Premier League

1. The boy can finish.


2. He’s already familiar with north London’s eating establishments.


3. Howard Webb really cares about him.  


4. Brace yourself, ladies. He likes to show his legs off. 


5. …a lot


6. If his teammates aren't feeling up to it, he's pretty happy to win games on his own.


7. He knows where the goal is. Literally.


8. He once rescued a rabbit he found in the street that had been attacked by a wild boar, adopted it, named it Alfonso and then nursed it back to full health. Arsenal could often do with a man who can pull a rabbit out of his hat.


9. He also loves puppies. Who doesn't love puppies?


10. He’s so fit, he's been known to practice the steeplechase during games


11. He trains hard. Even at night time, when the groundsman wants to go home, Alexis is still going strong.


12. Like all successful Premier League imports, he doesn’t mind getting stuck in. 


13. He has a ready-made fan club. In fact, his arrival in England drew an enthusiastic reaction from Chile's top football journalist.


14. He's already earmarked his new gaff, just off the M25. And it's pretty damn special. Quite how he'll cope with the traffic on his way to training is another matter entirely. #FirstWorldProblems  


15. And finally, he's decent at chipping. Eric Cantona, eat your heart out!

Sanchez is 15.00 to be top scorer in the Premier League - bet now