5 Things Certain To Happen If Lionel Messi Signed for Chelsea...

In many ways it's an unnatural progression. One club is built on the fundamental principles of promoting from within and the fostering of a football family; the other is a short-termist vision, that buys top-shelf footballers like they're going out of fashion every transfer window and sacks managers who've just won the Champions League.

Lionel Messi would never swap his beloved, purist Barca for the fickle sins of the Bridge, would he? Or would he? We've heard the rumours of his discontent in Spain and being asked to sit on the bench against David Moyes' Real Sociedad can't have improved his mood. And then there's the sensational news he's now following Chelsea AND Cesc Fabregas on Instagram.

That's as good as a done deal in today's world, so without further ado here are five things that will almost certainly happen if Chelsea make Messi the most expensive footballer in the history of expensive footballers.


1. Chelsea's global brand goes boom

A cynic might suggest signing Messi is as much about his gargantuan brand power as it is his influence on the pitch. The atomic flea has over 77 million adorers on Facebook for starters, plus nearly nine million devotees on Instagram. 

But social media is only a small part of his power. We're talking about the number one man for Adidas, Pepsi and EA Sports' FIFA game, to name but a few, and a face recognised all over the world. It goes without saying Messi moving to Chelsea would bring with him a huge spike in interest for the club globally - opening up new revenue streams and encouraging investment from all the world. It would sell shirts, but more importantly it would make Chelsea fans of the next generation.


2. Messi's form dips further before it comes up again

The Messi we're seeing right now is still a genius. He's still equipped with a left foot that could peel a grape and he'll continue to score sublime, magnificent goals for as long as his tattooed legs can carry him close enough. But he's been better. And he's been more inspired.

It could just be burnout. It could also be that Messi's emotional frustrations are informing the way he plays - muting some of his exuberance and taking the joy out of the game for him at Barca.

A move to the more physically intense Premier League would take some adjusting to. We might see some early injuries thwart Messi's transition and we might at first be a little underwhelmed - in relation to the enormous hype that would proceed his arrival that is.  In time, however, we'd see Messi rejuvenated. Chelsea fans would kneel to their new king and the heart-stopping thrills of the Premier League would galvanise Messi and drive him to the highest heights once more. 

Fans would flock from all over to see him. Just imagine the scenes if Chelsea drew a non-league club in the FA Cup and Messi was working his magic at Eastbourne Borough on a Sunday lunchtime in January 2016. It really could happen. And it really would be a fresh challenge for Messi to rise to. 

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3. Eden Hazard leaves Chelsea

Tactically speaking, Messi will of course be subject to the Jose Mourinho textbook. No player is too big to opt out of defensive duties on Mourinho's watch and exaggerated reports of an early fallout between he and Messi are inevitable on that theme.

In actuality Messi will have no trouble doing things the Mourinho way. Once settled, he'll take Eden Hazard's place in the Chelsea team, and Hazard will become the new Juan Mata. Soon enough, and outrageous as it seems on his current form, Hazard will be sold to the highest bidder and I say that bidder will be PSG.


4. Ronaldo returns to England

It's the summer of 2016 and Ronaldo's Portugal have suffered a dismal showing at the Euros to leave the 31-year-old feeling in need of attention. Real Madrid remain Spain's dominant force but with Messi in England the eyes of the world have gone with him. Ronaldo is pouting.

The Premier League is where it's at and Ronaldo can bear it no longer. A quick call to Sir Alex Ferguson is the decider and off he goes, back to his old step-over ground at Old Trafford to prove himself all over again. We know United want him and we also know it's inevitable Madrid are already seeking out Ronaldo's successor.

The moment Ronaldo senses that thought from above, he's off to a club that never stopped loving him after he left. However many fans turn out for Messi's unveiling at Chelsea, more will do so for Ronaldo in Manchester. They'd do so wearing only Ronaldo brand underpants if they thought it would seal the deal.


5. Argentina win the 2018 World Cup

Messi will be 30 by the time Russia 2018 comes around, but thanks to his reinvention under Mourinho at Chelsea he'll arrive at the World Cup with renewed purpose and a hardened mentality.

Conditions will be conducive to high-energy football, and with a a good number of Argentina's key attacking players earning their money in England (think Messi, Aguero, Di Maria, Lamela) they'll be ideally prepared to thrive as a unit.

I say they win the whole thing and Messi's elongated swansong confirms his status as the greatest there ever was. In his speech afterwards, he'll thank Mourinho.

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