5 Things We Learned From Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

Brendan Rodgers Will Be Criticised

Liverpool lost for the third game in a row, and given the events of midweek then Brendan Rodgers will now come in for criticism. He changed his team to prepare for this clash and came up short so he’s obviously a fool, then. That’s how football works.

In reality things aren’t as black and white as that, but the Liverpool manager needs to use this two-week international break to solve the multiple problems that are affecting his side. They’ve only scored 14 goals, half the amount of Chelsea, and that was the case again here. The issues are chronic.


Jose Mourinho Remains The Best In The Business

If setting up a team to get a result was an artform, then Jose Mourinho would be the master artist.

Chelsea weren’t as free-flowing as they have been at times this season, with Cesc Fabregas, Oscar and Eden Hazard not quite up to scratch – perhaps as a result of their midweek trip to Maribor – but they found a way to win this game, just like he always does.


Diego Costa Shows Liverpool What They Are Missing

Memories of Luis Suarez still linger around Anfield, and they would have been brought even more to the fore by the presence of Chelsea’s prolific Diego Costa – once linked with a move to the Reds back in 2013.

It is that ruthlessness, that clinical nature that a Liverpool team who are having trouble scoring goals are really missing right now, and until they can get Daniel Sturridge back, or the Mario Balotelli gamble pays off, or someone new comes in in January then they are going to go on lagging behind.


Emre Can Has A Big Role To Play At Liverpool

If Liverpool were supposed to have played their reserves in Madrid, then obviously no-one told Emre Can.

Four days on from playing at the Bernabeu, the young German was the driving force in a Reds midfield which sought to control the early periods of the game and were inspired by the former Bayern Munich and Bayer Leverkusen man’s bursts forward.

He got lucky with his goal, obviously, but the 20-year-old has traits which no other Liverpool midfielder has at present, and after going toe-to-toe with the best side in the country he’ll be ready to feature against less demanding opposition.


Nemanja Matic Is Driving Chelsea To The Title

Indeed, there can be few better players for Can to study than Chelsea’s Nemanja Matic, who was again imperious in the visiting midfield as he quickly got over a shaky start to dominate.

Just as he did in May when the watching world was too obsessed with Steven Gerrard’s slip to notice (and still is), Matic shut Liverpool down and restricted all forms of creativity that they were looking to achieve.

He’s a more defensive player than Can, obviously, but he’s every inch the modern midfielder.