5 Things We Learned From Liverpool 2-2 Arsenal

Had Liverpool Got Nothing It Would Have Been A Travesty

In the end Martin Skrtel’s header earned a point for the 10-man hosts, but had they taken nothing from this game then they would only have had themselves to blame.

They were by far the better side, creating chances against an Arsenal side who couldn’t cope with their formation, and whilst they need to earn three points from matches sooner rather than later, this will at least be one that they will eventually, unconventionally welcome.


Arsenal Were Awful

Liverpool v Arsenal - Premier League : News Photo

How the Gunners haven’t lost this only Liverpool know, but then how they didn’t win it is all down to them.

Playing against 10 men and defending a lead, the shambolic way in which they conceded Skrtel’s leveller will have had Christmas trees kicked over all around North London.


Both Sides Fulfilled Their Roles Perfectly

Liverpool great in attack – minus the finishing – and dodgy at the back. Arsenal mentally weak and unable to get to the finish line when it was firmly in sight. Both clubs fulfilled their stereotypical roles perfectly here and it made for a great game.

Liverpool deserved to win it, obviously, but least season’s cutting edge is sorely missing. Solve that and you might see them start to climb the table.

Arsenal? Will these same old issues have become chronic now.


Liverpool Have Found The Shape To Suit Their Best Players


We all know about the Liverpool defence by now, but for pretty much all of this season they have been hampering themselves in attack.

The selections of the likes Mario Balotelli and Rickie Lambert – big, powerful players who aren’t exactly going to run beyond the defenders or into pockets of space – meant that everything behind them was a little static.

By adopting the fluid system that Brendan Rodgers first selected at Bournemouth in the League Cup, it allows for the likes of Adam Lallana, Philippe Coutinho and Lazar Markovic to find the space they crave.

As a result both their own and their team’s performances have improved, even if the same old failings remain.


Mathieu Flamini’s Deficiencies Were Laid Bare

This type of movement was seemingly too much for the Arsenal midfield to take in the first half, with Mathieu Flamini in particular looking as though he’d been driven to distraction.

The Frenchman was lucky not to be sent off in the first half, and with Mikel Arteta out – and not really the top class solution any more – defensive midfield has to be a priority position for Arsene Wenger in January.