5 Things We Learned From Manchester City 1-2 Tottenham

Manchester City Don’t Look Like Champions

Ever since the announcement that Pep Guardiola will be taking over in the summer there has been almost an air of the last day of school term about Manchester City. The focus just seems to be on what is to come.

You can understand why Manuel Pellegrini wanted to make the news public, of course, but ever since he did City have looked disjointed, with several players perhaps wondering if they will have a future at the club under the new man.

What is looking clearer and clearer, though, is that that future won’t be including the 2015/16 league title.


But Tottenham Do

In fact, the only potential champions here were the side wearing white shirts.

There is a strong argument that, regardless of Leicester’s heroics, Tottenham have actually been the best team to watch this season, and if there had to be a winner here then it deserved to be them.

In the first half in particular they were excellent, swarming on City’s players and never leaving them alone. Then in the second period, despite tiredness, they continued to work incredibly hard.

There was one moment where three players ran out to challenge Raheem Sterling, with two of them tumbling over each other after they got the ball clear.

It was arguably the image of the day.


No-One Knows What Handball Is Any More


Mark Clattenburg’s decision to give handball against Sterling and award Tottenham a penalty might have been what we needed to liven up the game, but how the referee arrived at it was utterly bizarre.

Take away the fact that the ball clearly didn’t brush any part of Sterling’s arm – which, for a handball decision, makes this bad enough – but even if it had, Clattenburg wasn’t in a position to give it because Sterling’s body was in the way.

It was a huge decision and a potentially pivotal one in the title race, but it was an entirely incorrect one.


Kevin Wimmer Is Ensuring That Spurs Aren’t Missing Jan Vertonghen

The loss of Jan Vertonghen through injury last month was supposed to be the blow which started to make Spurs more ‘Spursy’, but the Austrian defender Kevin Wimmer has slotted in superbly in his absence.

A summer signing from Cologne, Wimmer had gone somewhat under the radar because of the fantastic form of Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld, and he has now a key part of what remains the best defensive record in the Premier League.

Look out for him starring for a lively Austria in Euro 2016, too.


Kelechi Iheanacho Deserves More Starts


With Kevin De Bruyne out for the foreseeable future, Manchester City really need to work out a way to get Kelechi Iheanacho into the starting XI more often, as when he’s there they just look more likely to score.

The fearless youngster is a marvellous finisher as evidenced by his goal, and finding a way to pair him with a fairly weary-looking Sergio Aguero must be top of Pellegrini’s agenda.


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