5 Things We Learned From Tottenham 0-0 Liverpool

Emre Can Looks Like He’ll Enjoy Life Under Klopp

So that’s what Gegenpressing is! It’s not really all that hard, is it?

The Liverpool player who was the quickest to adapt to his new manager’s way of thinking was perhaps unsurprisingly the former Bayern Munich and Bayer Leverkusen midfielder Emre Can, who – removed from his position in a back three that he often looked uncomfortable in under Brendan Rodgers – was all high-energy and movement in the first 45 minutes of Klopp’s tenure.

The tactic of running really fast at the opposition’s players really isn’t all that revolutionary, but Klopp has never pretended that it is.

Can showed the way for his teammates during that impressive opening spell, and if he can act as a leader for what are sure to be difficult weeks and months ahead then his new boss will have a figurehead.  


Tottenham Failed To Grasp Their Opportunity

It seems strange to compare two Liverpool matches which were overseen by different manager – especially ones as derided as Rodgers and celebrated as Klopp – but there were similarities between Liverpool’s last game at Everton and this one here.

Spurs, like the Blues then, were rightly favourites, but they were never able to get into their stride thanks to their opponents’ fast start, and in turn a sort of raggedness took over their play.

They still had their chances, and would have been deserved winners were we to get one, but they have to sense this as a missed opportunity.


Simon Mignolet Is Quietly In Excellent Form

Brisbane Roar v Liverpool FC : News Photo

Do you remember much about that Merseyside derby mentioned above? No, of course not. It has been overshadowed by what came next.

Simon Mignolet made great saves from Steven Naismith and James McCarthy in it though, and he was back at his best here to keep out both Clinton N’Jie and Harry Kane in the first half as Spurs become the dominant force within it, and then Kane again late on.

The Belgian – his country’s No. 1 during the recent internationals – is playing well, and his future under Klopp isn’t as doomed as many think.


Harry Kane’s Lack Of Movement Is Hindering Him


It’s easy to pick on Harry Kane in any match in which he doesn’t score, but it was the Englishman’s lack of movement which was most worrying here.

Normally buzzing around and creating space with intelligent displays, Kane simply wasn’t on his game here, perhaps a result of drained confidence.


Jurgen Klopp: A Media Guide

The coverage of Jurgen Klopp over the past week or so might end up being studied for media degrees in years to come, as the German has received the perhaps uniquely British welcome that we reserve for people in the limelight.

First comes the hysteria, then the mass feting of the new man as we welcome him into our lives, then the following around of his every move (something the German has already revealed his annoyance at), then the claim that the coverage has been over the top from the very people who have been covering it, and then the kind of half-joking-we-always-knew-what-we-were-doing-anyway that comes with him settling into his new life.

Can he just get on with the football now, please?


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