5 Things We Learned From Tottenham 4-1 Manchester City

Manchester City’s Honeymoon Period Is Over

So irresistible in their first five games of the season, Manchester City were always going to experience difficulties once they started to pick up injuries, but this was a staggering departure from what we have been seeing.

Against Juventus and certainly West Ham there was cause to claim that Manuel Pellegrini’s side were a little unlucky, but after taking the lead here they somewhat spectacularly failed to build on it, ceding both possession and territory to a Spurs side who were all-too willing to lap it up.

With Vincent Kompany still out, Joe Hart apparently suffering from a slight injury, Yaya Toure limping off injured and Sergio Aguero now on five Premier League games without a goal, City’s honeymoon period this season is over.


This Can Be A Very Good Tottenham Side

It is always difficult to properly judge Tottenham Hotspur without arriving at the same obvious conclusion – that whatever happens, they are going to finish fifth or sixth.

That might well be the case again, but following a fantastic result which has put them level on points with third-place West Ham for the time being, that seems somewhat unkind to say.

Following early wobbles they were excellent here, with Harry Kane getting the goal he’s been longing for and Erik Lamela at least producing an impression of the spritely, silky Argentinean that Tottenham thought they were buying from Roma two years ago.

More of the same, please.


Kevin De Bruyne Looks To Be Worth Every Penny

All of the sudden the claims that Kevin De Bruyne ‘flopped at Chelsea’ have become less and less frequent, as the Belgian has proven to be a terrific addition to Manchester City and a player whose game certainly developed during his time away at Wolfsburg.

With three goals in his last three games now, De Bruyne is proving just how foolish it can be to write off a young player so early in his career, with patience proving both a virtue and a huge asset to a City side he has slotted in perfectly well to.


But The Same Can’t Be Said Of Raheem Sterling

Whilst everything appears to be easy for De Bruyne at the moment, Raheem Sterling isn’t quite proving as effective as he continues life as the most expensive English footballer of all-time.

Still looking somewhat bolted onto this City side rather than being a crucial element of it, Sterling will be looking at the sudden goals return of De Bruyne and realising just what it is that he needs to do to step up to the same level.

He’s got time on his side, of course, but it is his Belgian teammate who is proving the better investment at the moment.


The Officials Don’t Know The Rules

Not since Christian Benteke’s farcical goal against Bournemouth in the second week of the season have the linesmen been in as sharp a focus as this, with three of the five goals being allowed to stand despite offsides.

Call for technology all you want, but when officials are making mistakes as glaringly obvious as this – the Eric Dier goal in particular – then you need to start considering different pairs of eyes, and not machines.


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