9 Reasons Why Arturo Vidal Is Perfect For The Premier League

Speculation is rife that Chile star Arturo Vidal will swap Juventus for Manchester United (or maybe Liverpool...) this summer, so we thought we’d put together a definitive list of reasons why the all action midfielder would feel at home in the English Premier League…

1. He can play hard.


2. He’s already familiar with the heart celebration.


3. He knows how to win his side a penalty. Kind of.


4. He can give as good as he gets from the fans.


5. He can levitate. Always handy when looking for space in the box.


6. He likes to score early.


7. And knows how to take a penalty.


8. He’s already got a MUTV subscription for the family.


9. And has already appeared in a United selfie.

Vidal is 1.25 to join United this summer - Bet Now

Man United are 1.40 to finish in the top four next season - bet now