Chelsea Transfers: Is Man Utd Flop Radamel Falcao Really Worth Signing?

Radamel Falcao will freely admit he's not had the best 12 months. After missing Colombia's nation-rousing World Cup effort, he went looking for a cure at Old Trafford and instead endured what he recently called a "difficult and complicated" season under Louis van Gaal at Manchester United.

It was a lot worse than that. Falcao somehow managed to ravage his reputation in a matter of months. The goals dried up, his legs couldn't get him places as fast as they used to, and at times he looked like his Monaco contract must have been won in a casino. In the place of El Tigre, now stooped a sad-faced pussy cat, bound to a loveless marriage with his manager.

Van Gaal's first blow landed was telling the media Falcao wasn't fit enough to start. His blows continued to reign down as Falaco spent almost as many games on the bench as he did in the United starting XI. It didn't matter how much United were paying him, or the fact Van Gaal had been fully behind the loan deal that brought him to the club. 

In the age of public humiliation by social media, Falcao was the Premier League's comedy roast every time he missed a chance (it happened a lot), and we saw his stock plummet from the striker who could win United the title, to the striker who could lose them a Champions League place.

And yet, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is next in line to sign him. Mourinho clearly sees something in Falcao that Van Gaal wasn't able to coax out. Could there also be appeal in the challenge of making something that was once good great again?

Either way, Falcao won't be back at United and his preference is to stay in the Premier League. That leaves just Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal, you would think - should Champions League football be a priority and his agent Jorge Mendes be pushing for that.


From Falcao's perspective, Chelsea are the smartest and most obvious choice. They're champions and best placed to make a run in Europe next season. In Mourinho they have arguably the best active club manager in the world, and in the likes of Eden Hazard and Cesc Fabregas, they have a supply line to compare with the best on the planet.

Falcao wouldn't go to Chelsea expecting to be on the bench. To assume that is to ignore the crazy confidence required to be a professional footballer in the first place - let alone a striker. Falcao, much like Tiger Woods these days, will be telling himself over and over again that he's still the man - that he's capable of being a star at Chelsea, despite a season of evidence to the contrary.

It not even that fanciful to think he would get his chance. It's a long season and Diego Costa's physicality always make him vulnerable to injury. Maybe Falcao is resigned to starting as second fiddle, but his vision of life at Chelsea will see that changing quickly.

Sydney FC v Chelsea FC : News Photo

It's easy to see why Falcao would want to go to Chelsea. The bigger question is why Chelsea would want Falcao? Mourinho needs to replace Didier Drogba, but he already has Costa and Loic Remy, so what he's really looking for is an occasional starter who can play a squad role next season

Does Mourinho really want to invite the kind of scrutiny that will fall on Falcao's every waking moment at Chelsea? If he's prepared to, you'd have to believe Mourinho has a faith in Falcao that goes beyond the notion of him being signed as a back-up option to Costa. Because if Mourinho is only after a bit-part player, Falcao is surely not worth the wages or the hassle.

One consideration that looms large is Mendes, the super-agent Mourinho and Falcao share, which is all rather convenient for both of them being at Chelsea next season.

Mendes has yet to comment on Falcao's future, but you'd imagine he's had more than a word or two in Mourinho's ear and there's a dream scenario at work here that would suit all three of them very nicely indeed.


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