Klopp 'The Normal One' Expects His Liverpool To Win The Premier League Inside Four Years

He wants to leave a legacy

The former Dortmund manager did not mince his words about his aims for the club. “If I sit here in four years, I am pretty confident we will have one title.” Bold words from the new man but ones that will have sent goosebumps across the city.

“It’s not important what people think when you come in, it’s when you leave. Give us time, this can be special.” If that doesn’t excite Liverpool fans, nothing will. 


He gets what it means to manage Liverpool

Being the manager of the Reds is different to any other club. It’s something that Roy Hodgson didn’t understand and it’s something that Brendan Rodgers did.  Klopp was emphatic in his opinion that Liverpool is one of the ‘biggest clubs in the world, a special club’. Comments such as that may seem par for the course, but that’s what you have to do on Merseyside.

The German spoke of how he knew he would return to Anfield when he visited with Dortmund in a pre-season contest. He branded himself a ‘lucky guy’ and lauded praise on the club and the fans. Liverpool fans want emotion, they’ve got it.


Klopp is the ‘Normal One’

The Reds boss was keen to paint himself as an everyday guy, the polar opposite of Jose Mourinho. He reluctantly branded himself the “Normal One” and pleaded with the press to leave him alone to work and live in the city.

The 48-year-old already looks like a refreshing influence on the Premier League. He is a man that football fans can identify with. He does not put himself on any form of pedestal. That humility and affability will act as a stark contrast to Rodgers and make Liverpool fans even more endeared to their new leader.


This is a project

Klopp knows that he can’t just come in and make Liverpool champions this season. He spoke extensively about developing the club and what he already has at his disposal.

He laid out his policy of dynamic football, telling the media Liverpool will play their ‘own game’ and that this was a new start. It’s time to ‘think about football, not money’.


He is not intimidated by history

The past it something that is referred to a lot when it comes to Liverpool and it is clear that their new manager respects it but he wants to put it to the back of his mind. That pressure can weigh heavily on a club’s shoulders and he made moves to ease that early on.

He warned of not carrying ’20 kilos of history in our backpack’. Klopp was adamant that his team should not be compared to those of the past. The ultimate goal is to turn everyone from ‘doubters to believers’.


He can handle the transfer committee

The whole transfer committee saga has been hyped up in the press since Rodgers was sacked but Klopp seemed totally relaxed by the situation.

He was convinced he would have the “first and last word” on all transfers, and he isn’t the sort of man to compromise. The real test of this will be in the next two transfer windows but it seems as though we can put to bed images of the Anfield hierarchy sat at a round table discussing the merits of Luis Alberto.