Man United Snaring Dortmund Star & 5 Transfers To Confirm This As The Best Premier League Season Ever

As the year draws to a close we must thank the footballing gods for the most rollicking start to a Premier League season yet. The 2015-16 edition of our greatest sporting export has been as brilliant as it has been bonkers so far. Long may it continue to be both.

Last season’s champions Chelsea, bankrolled by a billionaire oligarch, are hanging around the relegation zone. This season's supposed relegation fodder, Leicester City, are making a legitimate run for the top four and maybe even the title.

Manchester United are boring. Stoke are breathtaking. Crystal Palace are so good that Alan Pardew is being linked to the Real Madrid job, while Manchester City have reportedly ruled out January moves for Neymar and Jamie Vardy.

That's 27-year-old Vardy, a 500-1 shot for Premier League top scorer and as recently as 2012 plying his trade in the non-league ranks, being bracketed with the man billed as the next Pele.

Madness I tell you, utter madness. The big question now is whether the second half of the season can match the first.

If the Premier League hopes to maintain this remarkable level of entertainment in 2016 things can't afford to stand still. How about these January deals to pour lighter fuel on an already explosive season, and deliver the culmination the 2015-16 campaign deserves?


1. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang - Borussia Dortmund to Manchester United

If Manchester United do go after Aubemeyang in January they'll have some serious competition, perhaps even from their deep-pocketed friends across the city in blue. The Borussia Dortmund striker has 18 goals in 17 league games this season and will be the subject of some major interest this coming window.

The neutral argument for Aubemeyang going to United would be to put a hot poker up Louis van Gaal's team and spark them into life. United haters won't like a recovery, but a Premier League with the Reds firing would add a whole new dimension to the race for the top four.

Aubemeyang's goals could be the difference, both in making United a force again and ensuring the games they play in aren't the only boring blight on the Premier League this season.


2. Edinson Cavani - PSG to Arsenal

If this one sounds familiar it's because it comes up every transfer window. Arsenal being Arsenal, however, means they very rarely get the Emirates corporate card out and make these kind of deals happen - especially for a player aged 28 with a huge price tag attached.

Whatever you think of Cavani, it's hard to deny his physicality wouldn't lend itself naturally to the intensity of the Premier League. And if Arsenal really want to win this title, why not bring in some additional firepower to help carry the burden and inject fresh momentum for the run-in? It's anti-Wengerism in the extreme, but Wengerism hasn't exactly delivered in the league of late.

Cavani to Arsenal would be somewhat of a risk, but also a statement of intent from Arsene Wenger. And it might just prove that his experience could be the difference in getting the Gunners over the line.


3. Javier Hernandez - Bayer Leverkusen to Anywhere But Manchester United

Chicharito is a proven Premier League goalscorer and blowing red hot in the Bundesliga with Leverkusen right now. That combination leads to obvious links with a return to English shores in January, and you wouldn't be surprised if several clubs are currently weighing up a bid.

It's already painfully hard for United fans to watch Hernandez firing home in Germany, let alone stomach the notion he could be in the goals for Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea or... can we even throw Liverpool out there? Now that would be a story.

If we're really talking headline deals, how about a Chicharito move to Leicester, where he could lead a genuine fight for the title? Don't hold your breath on that one, but do expect the possibility of a Chicharito Premier League return to loom large in January.


4. Jackson Martinez - Atletico Madrid to Chelsea/Tottenham

Jackson Martinez's agent appears to be talking up a January move and they'll be plenty of interest in the Colombian striker if that comes to fruition.

Some reports suggest a swap deal with Diego Costa at Chelsea, but in the interests of Premier League entertainment we want to keep Costa where he is. Let's have Martinez to Spurs instead, where he can add something new to their attack and perhaps help a genuine title push develop at White Hart Lane.


5. Radamel Falcao - Chelsea to Bournemouth/Norwich/Other Club on a Limited Budget

In case you hadn't noticed, Radamel Falcao hasn't really worked out at Chelsea. How bizarre would it be for fans at Bournemouth or Norwich to see Falcao roll up in the January window, fresh with purpose and ready to prove his critics wrong.

Who doesn't love the idea of Falcao's goals saving a club from relegation?  The likelihood is it wouldn't happen, but in this brilliant and bonkers league you really can't predict anything anymore.

Falcao might feel right at home in Norfolk.