Why Sergio Aguero Is The Worthy Favourite To Win The Golden Boot

As a pro I must have played with at least 60 or 70 different strikers. Maybe more. Each of them was unique, but to a man they all had something identical in common. Goals obsessed them. No centre-forward I’ve ever met has been laid back about scoring.

In the Premier League it’s no different. Rest assured, winning the Golden Boot would give any top-flight marksman (Emmanuel Adebayor accepted) far more satisfaction than a bumper pay rise. Every single one of them is tingling at the prospect of scoring enough goals to land that prize this season.

Who will get their hands on it though? Here’s my lowdown on some of the contenders…


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Manchester City own the best striker in English football. No one can touch Aguero when it comes to slippery movement, speed of thought, and the ability to finish with both feet.

City’s fluid front line helps him. When David Silva, Raheem Sterling and Yaya Toure are buzzing around the Argentine, the sharpness of their interplay will be great to watch. Defenders dislike facing speed and clever runs, and that’s why they’ll worry about encountering Aguero. He’s a worthy favourite.

2014/15 Fact File:

97.65 minutes per goal.

Conversion rate 23%

24 of 26 goals inside box

18 right foot, 7 left foot, 1 header


Diego Costa - 6.00


Statistically Costa is the most lethal of all the contenders, but his suspect hamstring puts me off his chances.

I love his rough-handed approach to centre forward play. It’s a welcome throwback to see someone snarling their way through games like the strikers of old. Yet I’ve seen too many front men (at all levels) struggle with hamstring concerns. When your game is built on explosiveness, having doubts in your mind will slow you down, and dull your effectiveness. It’s a problem for him.

2014/15 Fact File:

104.1 minutes per goal

Conversion rate 34%

20 of 20 goals inside box

12 right foot, 5 left foot, 3 headers


Wayne Rooney - 10.00

International Champions Cup 2015 - Manchester United v Paris Saint-Germain : News Photo

Leading the line is what Rooney wants to do, but will his current role last for the whole season? I’m not convinced. Louis van Gaal will surely add at least one big-name striker to take the load off his skipper.

He’ll feel pressure to lead by example - I know I did when I wore the captain’s armband – but that might give his performances an edge so I expect him to score plenty. Enough to be the Premier League’s top dog? I think the 27 he netted in 2011/12 will end up Rooney’s career high.

2014/15 Fact File:

239.7 minutes per goal.

Conversion rate 23%

11 of 12 goals inside box

10 right foot, 1 left foot, 1 header


Christian Benteke - 13.00

France v Belgium - International Friendly : News Photo

Whenever I played with physically imposing strikers I knew that any half decent cross I whipped in had a chance of being finished – and that’s the boost Liverpool’s midfielders will experience with Benteke on board. If he gets the right service, he’ll score a hatful.

When Daniel Sturridge returns will he play every week though? That’s the one negative that’s creeping into my thoughts. With enough game-time he could go close.

2014/15 Fact File:

183.08 minutes per goal.

Conversion rate 20%

11 of 13 goals inside box

7 right foot, 2 left foot, 4 headers


Harry Kane - 15.00

Real Madrid v Tottenham Hotspur - Audi Cup 2015 : News Photo

With hardly anyone else capable of scoring with regularity, Spurs need another mega season from Kane. I think he’s good enough to deliver. In the mould of Alan Shearer there’s variety to his goal getting, and that’s why he’s so hard pin down.

Second season syndrome is a potential problem of course, and we’ve seen plenty of talents fade once they’ve hit the headlines, but Kane’s finishing technique is solid. He’ll be in the mix.

2014/15 Fact File:

122.9 minutes per goal.

Conversion rate 26%

19 of 21 goals inside box

11 right foot, 5 left foot, 5 headers


Theo Walcott - 34.00

Arsenal v VfL Wolfsburg - Emirates Cup : News Photo

Alexis Sanchez is Arsenal’s shortest-priced front man at 21.00; a sign of the diversity of Wenger’s attack. The Gunners will share out the goals this season, without any reliance on one single player.

Walcott’s a wildcard that may be worth an each-way punt. Whether he plays as a striker or on the right wing (where I think he’s at his best) the 26-year-old will score goals. He’s in the process of perfecting the angles and timing of his runs - with one goal every 88 minutes last season he has to be a forward that’s respected.

As long as he stays free of injury, I can see Walcott having the season of his life.  

2014/15 Fact File:

88.2 minutes per goal.

Conversion rate 25%

5 of 5 goals inside box 

5 right foot, 0 left foot, 0 headers


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