Robben, Bale & Suarez - The 11 Worst Football Dives

We always knew that Arjen Robben liked a dive, but he cemented his reputation last night against Arsenal in the Champions League.

Arsene Wenger was so enraged by Robben's antics that he labelled him "a very good player, and a very good diver".

But Robben isn't the first player to have a go and pulling one over the ref. Here are some more.

11. Arjen Robben

We start with Robben's pathetic attempt to win a penalty last night.

10. Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale may be the world's most expensive footballer, but he's also a world class diver. This is one of the worst attempts to con the ref that we've ever seen!

9. Luis Suarez

This dive against Stoke enraged Tony Pulis enough to call on the authorities to ban the little Uruguayan. We reckon it would have got 10/10 at the Olympics.

8. Morten Gamst Pedersen

Fresh from having ballsed up a move to Manchester United, the Blackburn winger took his frustation out on the Emirates turf with this swan dive against Arsenal. So bad it was Phil Dowd refused to acknowledge Pedersen even existed for the rest of the game.

7. Steven Taylor

This might be the funniest dive ever from Newcastle's Steven Taylor (keeping up the tradition of terrible tumbles st St James' Park). After handballing on the line, he decided to go for a Platoon style dying soldier dive, clutching his chest like he had just taken 10 rounds. The referee clearly wasn't a Charlie Sheen fan and sent Taylor off.

6. Alberto Gilardino

Another dive from a Milan versus Celtic clash here, as Italian forward Gilardino takes a tumble despite running three more paces after a lunge from a Hoops defender. It's so bad it looks like he's been taken out by a sniper from the Parkhead stands.

5. Rivaldo

The most famous dive ever? Possibly. The former World Player of the Year shows he gets confused by all those different parts of the body as he takes a ball to the knee against Turkey, but then goes down clutching his face. The linesman is too shocked to do anything about it.

4. Meier v Streit

Two for one here as Duisburg coach Norbert Meier goes head-to-head (literally) with FC Koln's Albert Streit and both parties fall to the floor like the end of a game of Jenga. To be fair to Streit he does receive a mild headbutt, but Meier's reaction is Oscar-worthy.

3. Bryan Carrasco

The Chilean Under-20 international took diving to a new level when he used Ecuadorian Edson Montano's arm to hit himself in the face. Just like the old 'stop slapping yourself' game at school. The ref bought it and gave the free-kick. Montano was bemused, to put it lightly.

2. Hamit Altintop

The Turkish midfielder (and Brett from Flight of the Conchords look-alike) does a great windmill impression as he goes to ground against Croatia in an attempt to win a penalty. Needless to say the referee, in resplendent flourescent stripes, just runs off, unimpressed.

1. Knut Anders Fostervold

And finally, a dive so bad it was later parodied by that king of comedy John Carew. Fostervold goes all Laurel and Hardy after a swing and a miss from an opposition player and spins in the air, falling to the ground like a character from Street Fighter. Carew did his best impression of the dive in a separate match. Not a bad effort John.