Top 10 animal pitch invasions

10. Squirrel vs Women's soccer

This brave little critter made his way onto the pitch during the Western New York v Philadelphia ladies clash in 2011. Obviously not a football expert though, he was clearly offside the whole time.

9. Mountain lynx vs downhill skiing

And the winner of the 2010 men's downhill race at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics is...erm...a mountain lynx?! This little fella brazenly crossed the finish line first.

8. Fox vs Six Nations rugby 

Before the 2011 Six Nations clash between England and Scotland a fox wandered onto the pitch. Worst. Pre-match. Entertainment. Ever.

7. Chicken vs Premier League football

Some witty Blackburn fan dressed up this chicken in a Rovers flag and set it free on the Ewood Park pitch in protest against club owners Venky's Chicken. It was during the 1-0 defeat to Wigan that ultimately secured relagation and was probably the worst fowl on the pitch all game.

6. Dog vs football

Sit boy. Sit. Good do...NO WAIT! ARGH! These were probably the words of one Brazilian Police dog handler after his mut got excited and stole the ball during a game. 

5. Cat vs Premier League football

This little moggy has become possibly the most famous feline in English football after casually taking to the Anfield pitch during Liverpool's 0-0 draw with Tottenham this season. Rumour is Kenny Dalglish tried to sign him on a five-year deal.

4. Owl vs international football

The Euro 2008 qualifier between Belgium and Finland was halted when an own nonchalantly swooped onto the crossbar and made the framework his own. He then proceeded to stare down the TV camera, clearly not giving a hoot about proceedings. BOOM!

3. Dog vs Jimmy Greaves

Another dog, but this one falls not for the ball but for the deep brown eyes of England striker Jimmy Greaves. It wasn't all romanticism though, Greaves later revealed the pup urinated all over him as he escorted it from the pitch.

2. Sheep vs Tour de France

This flock of sheep showed shear cheek to cross the road before the riders of the 2010 Tour de France, a few even trying to keep up with the cyclists. Impressive!

1. Black bear vs golf

We're used to a Tiger on the golf course, but a black bear? This big boy bounced across the 13th fairway during the 2008 US Senior Open Championship in Colorado. FOUR!