Top 10 excitable commentator moments

On Tuesday night Gary Neville gave the world one of the greatest football memes ever when he let out a scream so excitable many wondered what he was doing in the commentary box as Fernando Torres rounded Valdes and scored a the Nou Camp.

It quickly spread throughout the internet, but it isn't the first time a commentator has got overexcited. Here are top of the best.

1. Gary Neville, Barcelona v Chelsea

2. John Motson, Aston Villa v Arsenal

3. Ray Hudson, Real Madrid v Barcelona

4. Ray Hudson, Real Madrid v Athletic Bilbao

5. Italian commentator, Italy v Germany

6. Jack van Gelder, Holland v Argentina

7. Charlie Nicholas, Wigan v West Ham

8. Ice hockey commentaor, Lewiston Maniacs v Montreal Junior

9. David Gower, The Ashes 2010

10. Tiziano Crudeli, AC Milan v Auxerre