The Top 10 Unintentional Goals

Former Arsenal and Barcelona star Thierry Henry caught the keeper out and scored directly from a corner as his New York side beat Columbus Crew 3-1 at the weekend. The Frenchman claimed after the game he meant it: "I saw he (goalkeeper Matt Lampson) was off his line and was out of the goal too much, so I decided to give it a try."

We aren't convinced. And he isn't the first player to score a cheeky goal that may or may not have been intended. Here are some more...

10. Thierry Henry - NY RED BULLS v Columbus Crew, 2012

Did he intend to va-va-voom it into the top corner? You decide!

9. Tim Howard - EVERTON v Bolton, 2012

A few keepers have scored long range goals, but do they ever mean it? Here's Tim Howard from January of this year. He doesn't look that shocked, to be fair.

8. John Fajardo - DEPORTIVO CREDICOOP v Mariscal Mille, 2012

A classic hoof from Peruviain defender Farjardo flies right over the keeper's head from 80 yards. 'AVE IT!

7. Dominique Niederhauser - DARDANIA v Genolier-Begnins, 2012

Great technique from the amateur goalkeeper here, but not a chance that he was trying to be so precise!

6. Roberto Carlos - Real Sociedad v REAL MADRID, 1998

Roberto Carlos was a fan of a spectacular goal or two, but surely even he can't have been going for goal from the byline here...

5. Tomas Brolin - Sheffield Wednesday v LEEDS, 1995

His spell in England wasn't a massive success but Brolin did manage to score this classic with his face. He then celebrated like he'd won the World Cup. Good lad.

4. Jason Cundy - Ipswich v TOTTENHAM, 1992

There's no way Spurs defender Jason Cundy meant to score from this rather rash challenge, but it darn well looked good.

3. Dennis Bergkamp - Newcastle v ARSENAL, 2002

The goal that divides people; half say it's the best piece of individual skill ever, some say a massive fluke. We're inclined to go with the latter.

2. Jan Vertongen - AJAX v Cambuur Leeuwarden, 2006 

Was the new Spurs left-back being cheeky and trying to score from this restart or was it an accident? He makes a good "what? Me?!" face either way.

1. Ronaldinho - England v BRAZIL, 2002

Perhaps the most famous accidental goal was the buck-tooth wonder's strike to knock England out of the World Cup ten years ago. He claimed he meant it, but thousands of England fans weren't convinced.