The Top 5 Football Harlem Shakes

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past month, you will have seen a video of the Harlem Shake - the latest dance-and-dressing-up craze to take the internet by storm. One person starts dancing in a room, and seemingly oblivious onlookers suddenly burst into jerky, random shapes, often in costume.

Of all the Harlem Shake videos to grace the internet, some of the best have been recorded by football teams. Here's our pick of the five best ones:


We get a rare peek inside the London club's plush activities room before things get stir crazy. On the left, John Arne Riise (or is it Damien Duff?) really gets into the swing of things, but the real star is Dimitar Berbatov. The Bulgarian just stands there, somehow managing not to laugh. And he's wearing a t-shirt that reads "keep calm and do the Harlem Shake." Too cool for school.

Man City

A perfect poker face must be a common thing to have in Bulgaria; here's Berbatov's international colleague Aleksandar Kolarov deadpanning his way through Manchester City's loopy Harlem Shake. We can spot masks of former City players Shay Given and Nigel de Jong, but it's hard to make out any of the current players through all the mad outfits. Bravo, boys.

Reading Youth Team

The Reading Development Squad bring us this rather minimalistic take on the Harlem Shake, eschewing costumes and masks for... partial nudity. The guy trying to stay serious in this one can't quite keep a straight face. You should go to Bulgaria to practice, my friend!

SC Cambuur

We go abroad now, to find Dutch club SC Cambuur getting into the spirit of things. Filmed in their modest looking changing room, these guys are definitely going for the... er... shhexier end of the market. The guy at the bottom does a cracking worm dance, though.

Michigan State

Welcome to America, where people do things BIG. Firstly, just look at the size of this changing room - home to the Michigan State University team - compared to the one in the previous clip. Next, check out the outfits - we can spot the Hulk, an Iron Man mask and, if our eyes don't deceive us, a man at the back left of the room who has PAINTED HIMSELF SILVER. Wow. Oh, and if anyone can explain who that framed portrait in the centre is of, we'd be much obliged.