Top Tweets of the Weekend

Rio may have been inexplicably left out of the squad, but he's still beating the Three Lions from from his beach location in Thailand. #patriotic 

Bumbling TV Presenter Piers Morgan was in a somewhat less patriotic mood. But seeing as Carroll had a decent game in Norway, and Humperdink finished second last in Eurovision, it's fair to say his views are taken with a pinch of salt. #tallyho

Mark Bright's spelling and punctaution is questionable, but he does at least have a decent point to make. #schoolboyerror

As the nation sat down in front of the telly for Soccer Aid, Joey Barton can't have been the only person to have noted Robbie looking somewhat pre-maternal, but he's one of the few to say it out loud! #potbelly

But the most memorable moment at Soccer Aid 2012 was saved for Gordon Ramsay, who was stretchered from the pitch and admitted to hospital after being on the receiving end of a late challenge by Teddy Sheringham. #ramsaysfootballnightmare 

Amid rumours of a move to Chelsea, the current hottest available property in world football hints he's made his decision, but won't tell us where he's decided on. #tease