Transfer News Today: Have Liverpool signed a replacement for Suarez?

Forum chatter

Reports emerge this morning that Rafa Benitez is looking to bring David Luiz and his mop of tight curls to Napoli.

This looks to be a simple case of a journalist filling some column inches by linking a manager at a new club with a player he clearly liked at his old club. Besides, why would Chelsea want to sell Luiz just when he’s stopped looking like a PlayStation player in a bad way and started looking like a PlayStation player in a good way?

Tabloid speculation

Cesc Fabregas has spent the majority of his career desperately yearning for a move to Barcelona, which is pretty stupid considering that he could have cut out the middle-man and just stayed at Barcelona when he was a teenager.

So we imagine that he’ll be none too pleased to read the reports that Barcelona are already looking to sell him. What’s worse, he might have to move to Manchester, as United and City are the interested parties. The silver lining for Cesc is the fact that EasyJet offer competitively priced daily flights to Barcelona from Manchester Airport.

Come and get me

Liverpool fans will be shocked to learn that Luis Suarez is touting himself around to all and sundry (the sad thing is that they genuinely will be surprised at his lack of loyalty). Suarez has told a Uruguayan radio station that he would find it very difficult to turn down a move to Real Madrid. 

Of course, the reason that Suarez wants off is purely down to the way that the English press have treated him and nothing to do with the fact that he’d like to double his salary and win things. If only the media in England would stick to the football and ignore the instances when players are accused of biting other players’ limbs...

Contact made

Yesterday we scoffed at the rumours that Hull City were going to sign Shay Given and as if to prove our point, today comes the news that the club are in talks with Besiktas over the signing of Scottish stopper Allan McGregor.

McGregor walked out on Rangers last season having rightly decided that he had little interest in playing park football for three years. Now he looks set for a move to England. If he fancies a very busy season indeed, then Hull could be the perfect destination.

Bid tabled

Liverpool may already be preparing themselves for the departure of Luis Suarez, as they have agreed a deal with Celta Vigo for their striker Iago Aspas.

The Spaniard will join the club for £6m, £7.7m or £9m, depending on which newspaper you read. Aspas can play centrally or on the flanks of a 4-3-3 formation, rather like another previously mentioned Liverpool forward. No biting please Iago.

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