Unibet Tips - How will your bets do this weekend?

Reckon you're a good tipster? Now you have a chance to prove it, using #UnibetTips!

We asked our Twitter followers to suggest tips for the weekend. If any come in, they will win a limited edition Unibet football! Here is this week's batch of picks...

Nial Reid went for cash-strapped and player-light Portsmouth to win at Carlisle, at odds of 3.40.

Adam Bernstein thinks Manchester City will add to Liverpool's woes with victory at Anfield on Sunday, at odds of 2.40.

Someone's shown a bit of ambition, going for a three-fold accumulator all in the Premier League, with odds of 14.99. Thanks, Khalid!

And finally, Jim Chalmers has also gone for a treble across the leagues. His odds are 6.67.

If any of these come in, we will send the tweeter a Unibet football. Good luck to everyone and follow the action on Twitter with #UnibetTips!