What next for David Beckham?

The tears are probably only just beginning to dry at Casa Beckham after D-Becks' emotional goodbye at the Parc des Princes on Saturday. There can be little doubt that Beckham has enjoyed a varied and successful career both on and off the pitch. From his breakthrough at Manchester United and his romance with Posh Spice, to the England captaincy and the globetrotting of recent years; the midfielder has rarely been out of the spotlight.

He has expressed little interest in the more traditional post-football roles of pundit or coach, but Beckham certainly doesn't lack for extra-curricular activities: he has already modelled extensively and has launched his own fashion line and aftershave. Now that the curtain has come down on Beckham the footballer, could we see yet more career diversification?

With Unibet, you can now bet on the path that Beckham chooses next. So, which of the following will he do first in the next year?

Perhaps Becks will present a TV show (6.00). He certainly has the celebrity profile to draw viewers, but it is unclear whether this would suit his shy, occasionally withdrawn persona. A less pressured TV role may be a better fit - a guest judge on Britain's Got Talent (100.00), maybe? If presenting isn't his thing, perhaps he could be tempted to appear on Celebrity Big Brother (100.00). He would certainly be the most famous name in the show's history - yes, even more famous than Ben Adams from A1 - but Becks' desire to spend time with his young family may be a stumbling block.

On that note, perhaps David will work on expanding the Beckham clan, with odds of 8.00 available on Victoria announcing that she is pregnant in the next year. Or Becks could take a leaf from Madonna's book and adopt a baby (20.00). For someone who clearly has so much time for his children, these odds are perhaps the most tempting in the market.

What else could the future hold? Will he become a Lord (50.00) or a catwalk model (15.00)? Will he manage one more football match in the Australian A-League (20.00), or buy boyhood club Leyton Orient (50.00)? For most people, you'd laugh at the suggestion that he would record a record with a group called "the Spice Boys" (100.00) - but then this is David Beckham. He's made a career out of confounding expectations...