Which own goal is worse? Deivis Barone vs Marc Pedersen

It's been a week of bloopers in world football. And we bring you two of the best/worst here as defenders worldwide goa  bit crazy and start smashing them past their own goalkeepers.

We head to South American first where Atletico Tucuman defender Deivis Barone reacts like a striker in the six-yard box to smash home a rebound. Sadly for his team-mates it was into his own net. To make matters worse it was the only goal of the game and handed Racing Club a 1-0 win. Facepalm!

Meanwhile, Djurgarden's Marc Pedsersen got his clearance all wrong, only to slice it expertly past his own keeper to hand AIK an 89th minute equaliser. Oops!

Which is worst/best? Comment below!