Winner of the Week - Unibet customer wins nearly €4,000 from €18 stake

Our big winner over the weekend was a Dutch customer who staked €18.06 on an ambitious 7-fold at odds of 219.62 to win €3966.4.  The customer wasn’t put off by the lack of mainstream European football available and backed their knowledge of the Danish and Norwegian leagues to take home a big bounty.

Meanwhile, over in Azerbaijan the Eurovision ended with Sweden celebrating and the UK, yet again, in tears as Engelbert Humperdinck had a great fall...all the way to second bottom of the pile.

It may have been a great moment for Loreen of Sweden as she romped home to Eurovision glory, but the result was less than satisfactory for Unibet as the massive favourite caused Unibet to make a loss on the event. Loreen was backable at a low of 1.95, with the biggest win from a Swedish punter who won €27895.11 at earlier odds of 2.60 with a stake of €10728.89.

However, some odd results in the international friendlies over the weekend covered the Eurovision loss, with Germany and Netherlands both losing to somewhat lesser opponents.  Germany lost 5-3 to Switzerland, and unsurprisingly no one predicted this scoreline but 100+ people predicted a Switzerland win at 4.50, with a Polish punter staking €72.00 to win €324.00.

Netherlands lost 2-1 at home to Bulgaria after leading at half time, and Bulgaria to win was 13.50, with one unpatriotic but wise Dutch customer staking €474.74 to win a whopping €6408.99. Bulgaria to be behind at half time, and to win at full time was available at odds of €110.00 and another Dutch customer staked 5 on this to win €550.00.

See the successful winning accumulator below! (Click on the image for a closer look)