The 10 Best Moments from Day 17 of the World Cup

1. Relieved Nation Of The Day

Brazil are still in their own World Cup, still invited to their own party. Just about.

The tension that surrounded their penalty shootout against Chile was Belo Horizonte was remarkable. An entire nation watched on simply willing, praying for them to go through. They really haven’t considered defeat in this tournament. They have to win.

That they are still in with a chance is down to a mixture of good goalkeeping from Julio Cesar and poor penalties from a shattered Chile team, but winner stays on.

2. Pitbull Of The Day

Not Luis Suarez, and not that bald bloke who did the official song of the tournament, but rather Chile’s Gary 'Pitbull' Medel.

Playing at the centre of his country’s excellent three-man defence, a man more used to being stationed in midfield turned in a stunningly committed performance. At one point he appeared to be being held together with bits of string and the collective will of every Chilean in Belo Horizonte, but he threw himself at every ball and every Brazilian who came his way until the pain finally took over 108 minutes in. He bows out with his head held high.

3. Fan Park Of The Day

And to think, some people are knee-high in mud at Glastonbury right now…


4. Goal Of The Day

A Rodriguez, a left-foot volley, a World Cup.

Remember Maxi for Argentina against Mexico in Leipzig eight years ago? Well this is Colombia’s James. Must be something in the name.

5. National Pride Of The Day

The anthems before Brazil faced Chile in Belo Horizonte were like nothing that this tournament has witnessed so far.

Whilst the Chileans did well to battle against the hoots of derision that greeted their tune, by the time it came to belting out Hino Nacional Brasileiro the locals were up for it. Goosebumps ensued.

6. Player Of The Day

Colombia’s James Rodriguez just pips Medel to the honour following his remarkable performance in the win over Uruguay,.

It must be said that teammate Juan Cuadrado was excellent in a supporting role, particularly for the second goal that Rodriguez fired in from close range, but the Monaco man takes the prize yet again during what has been a remarkable tournament for him.

7. Open To Interpretation Of The Day

Handball? No handball? Goal? No goal? You decide.

8. Scruffy Set-Piece Goal Of The Day

Not really a very Brazilian-type goal, was it? Not that the Brazilians cared.

9. Creepy Luis Suarez-Related Picture Of The Day

In which our hero appears to have kidnapped a Brazil-supporting baby. As you do.


10. Colombian Dancing Celebration Of The Day

Because it’s always nice to end on that, isn’t it?